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San Sebastian

Accommodation in San Sebastian

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San Sebastian

Accommodation in San Sebastian to move freely

San Sebastian is a city full of life, bathed in the unmistakable light of the Bay os Biscay. In its streets, a trace of romanticism coexists with the latest architecture, of which the most representative example is the Kursaal. To discover all its hidden treasures at your own pace, there is no better option than a Libere apartment in San Sebastian. Wide, connected spaces with everything you need to make them feel yours. In addition, you will be very close to the main places of interest, so that you can move around freely and enjoy every moment.

San Sebastian

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We are working to bring the Líbere experience to San Sebastian. We will publish our new locations in this city soon.
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San Sebastian

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Enjoy San Sebastian with the best offers for your stay. From a longer stay rate to special rates for groups, agencies and companies. Choose the one that best suits you!
San Sebastian

Frequently asked questions about San Sebastian

  • What is the best area to find accommodation in Donostia?

    In recent times, the Antiguo neighbourhood has gained ground as a chosen area to stay. Close to beaches and pintxos areas, this location is perfect for getting around the city. La Concha beach is very close, and from there you can get to the centre and the Casco Vieja in just half an hour of pleasant walk along the coast.

  • What is the best time of year to find accommodation in San Sebastian?

    San Sebastian's mild climate makes it an attractive destination throughout the year. The greatest influx of travellers occurs in summer and early autumn when international celebrities flock to the San Sebastián Film Festival. However, the possibilities of surfing or enjoying the beach also make it the perfect place to travel in spring and even winter.

  • How much on average does accommodation cost in San Sebastian?

    The price range is very wide in Donostia, a medium-sized city that offers accommodation ranging from budget-friendly options to other more exclusive proposals. A world of possibilities where all traveller profiles find their place.