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Do you have luggage lockers?

Do you arrive earlier or leave later? The early check-in and late checkout service is a good option, but if you only need to store your luggage for a few hours, the best are the lockers.

Buildings with luggage lockers service

  • Líbere Ciudad Real: they are located in the hall of the building.
How do they work?

To close your locker

1. Put away your belongings and close the locker door

2. Enter a 4-digit code followed by the green ✔️

3. Turn the handle to the left to block the door

Cerrar taquilla

To open your locker

1. Enter your 4-digit code followed by the green ✔️

Abrir taquilla


At Líbere we want to offer you the best experience and therefore, the lockers service is free for you.


Access y hours
  • You can access the locker area by opening the main door of the building with your digital key, the same one to access the apartment.
  • On the day of your arrival you have access from 9:00* (local time). It doesn’t matter if you haven’t completed the checkin yet, your digital key is ready for you to enter the building.
  • On the day of departure you have access until 20:00* (local time). It does not matter if you have already confirmed the departure of the apartment in the morning, your digital key allows you to enter the building during the afternoon.

* Outside these hours, we reserve the right to open the lockers to remove objects that have been left there.

If you need anything or have any questions, contact us at the online reception.


Alternatives in the other buildings

In the rest of the buildings, for the moment we can offer you a selection of luggage lockers close to your accommodation.

You can book them from our Store for the following accommodations:

  • Líbere Madrid Palacio Real
  • Líbere Bilbao la Vieja
  • Líbere Málaga La Merced
  • Líbere Córdoba Patio Santa Marta
  • Líbere Málaga teatro Romano

If you are staying in one of the following assets you will have to book the luggage lockers service directly with the service provider:

  • Líbere Vitoria: luggage lockers service in Florida Street, inside the Hotel Hito. The price per 24 hours is 4€* or 5€* depending on the size and it is located 10 minutes walking distance from our accommodation (*Prices are approximate).
  • Líbere Valencia Abastos: luggage lockers service at the Nord station in Valencia. You can check prices directly on their web.
  • Líbere Bilbao Museo: luggage lockers service near the apartment, in Alameda de Rekalde 15. You can check prices directly on their web.
  • Líbere Granada Catedral: luggage lockers service just 130 meters from the building. You can check prices directly on their web.
  • Líbere Pamplona Yamaguchi: luggage lockers service at the bus station. You can check prices directly on their web.

Remember that our hostels are equipped with lockers so you can store your luggage during your stay. It will be necessary to use a padlock but if you have forgotten it, don’t worry, you can find them for sale in our Store.

Book now your accommodation with us at the best price.

Stay Safe. More information about Covid-19 safety measures.