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General Conditions of Contract and Líbere House Rules

These conditions govern the reservation of Líbere accommodation and the house rules agreed between the client (from now on the “guest“) and Líbere.

1. Reservations.

  • Making a reservation implies a commitment to accept each and every one of the conditions included in this document, as well as those contained in our Privacy Policy and Legal Notice; and you also confirm:
    • you are of legal age and have full capacity to make a reservation, and declare that you fully understand all the conditions in this document.
    • that the information you provide when making any reservation is full and accurate.
  • You can request a reservation via the Líbere website, by contacting our staff using the contact details shown on the website, or otherwise via any other official platform on which Líbere advertises such offers.
  • Once a reservation has been made, as soon as possible, and always within 24 hours of making any reservation, Líbere will send you an e-mail confirmation of your reservation. If you are not happy to accept the terms of that confirmation, you can request the modification or cancellation of your reservation.
  • When making a reservation, you must provide details confirming your identity, and also provide us with a debit or credit card number as a guarantee before we can confirm any reservation. When making any reservation, a € 1 block will be put on the said card to check its validity. This block will be removed within a few days. As indicated in this document, in certain circumstances, Líbere reserves the right to charge for the total cost of the reservation.
  • Only Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards are accepted. If the name of the card used to make the reservation differs from the name of the guest, we will ask you to send us a copy of the card along with details confirming the identity of the card owner. If we have not received this documentation at the time of check-in, the guest who is going to stay will be asked to pay for that stay in full with their own debit or credit card, and the deposit charged to the initial card will be refunded.
  • A reservation request will not be considered to have been accepted until Líbere has received your confirmation it is acceptable and has issued a reservation reference, at which time the relationship between Líbere and the guest will have been formalised.
  • Requests to change the date, duration of a stay, or number of guests will be subject to availability, although Líbere will always try, as far as possible, to comply with such requests. In these circumstances, the guest must pay the corresponding rate for any changes requested.
  • Where a reservation involves beds in a shared room in a Líbere Hostel, the establishment will try to assign people from the same reservation to the same room. However, such assignments cannot always be guaranteed.
  • Guests with any specific requirements associated with their special needs must inform Líbere before making a reservation.
  • The prices and offers shown on our website include VAT (Value Added Tax) and are only valid for reservations made via the Líbere website or with the help of our staff. All prices are quoted in euros. Prices shown on our website may be subject to change. Líbere reserves the right to change prices without prior notice. However, once a reservation has been confirmed, the price of that reservation cannot be changed.
  • Groups. All bookings of more than nine people will be considered a group. In such cases, specific payment and cancellation conditions will apply. These will be established by our group service team and will be quoted in advance before any booking takes place.

2. Identification.

At check-in, you will be asked to provide a passport, European ID, or driver’s license for all guests aged 16 and above. All guests, without exception (including those under 18 years of age), must carry their corresponding personal and family documentation which meets the requirements of current legislation, and must ensure this information is in order. These details will be required on trips and visits as the occasion demands to obtain visas, passports, vaccination certificates, etc. Minors under 18 years of age must also carry written permission signed by their parents or guardians, in anticipation that this could be requested by any authority at any time.

Líbere will not accept any responsibility if an authority declines to grant a visa, or refuses entry into their country. Any expenses which may arise are the responsibility of the guest. In these circumstances, the conditions and rules which apply are the same as those established for the assumption of a no-show.

3. Check-in and check-out hours.

At Líbere Hostels, the time of entry and check-in is from 15:00 onwards, and the time for check-out and departure is up to 12:00. At Líbere Aparthotels, the time of entry and check-in is from 14:00 onwards, and the time for check-out and departure is up to 12:00. In either case, alternative conditions may be expressly agreed between Líbere and the guest.

If the scheduled arrival time is prior to the time arranged, the guest’s belongings can be stored in a locker at no cost. Alternatively, and subject to availability, an early check-in can be arranged. Likewise, if there is appropriate availability on the day of departure, a late check-out may be arranged, subject to prior notice and Líbere’s express agreement to the revised arrangements. Otherwise, belongings may be kept in a locker until you are ready to leave town.

When a room or apartment is not vacated by the appointed time, as compensation, Líbere reserves the right to apply a further charge to the card provided, at an amount equivalent to the price of an additional night at the applicable standard rate.

4. Cancellations and no shows.

  • When making your reservation, you can choose between Líbere rates with flexible cancellation, or a reduced rate with no refund upon cancellation.
  • If the guest fails to show up at the accommodation without any prior notice, then the total amount of the contracted stay will be charged.
  • If a guest who has opted for a flexible cancellation rate cancels the reservation outside the stipulated cancellation period, then the cancellation cost charged to their card will be equivalent to the cost of the first night of their stay.
  • When the guest has been offered a non-refundable rate, or one with a special condition attached which disallows cancellation of the reservation, then no right of cancellation applies. Thus the guest will be required to pay for the entire reserved stay and Líbere will make an appropriate charge for the reservation on that basis.
  • All reservations are subject to availability. Líbere reserves the right to reject, cancel or refuse a reservation at any time, for any of the following reasons:
    • there was a technical or pricing error on the website when the reservation was made
    • the room/s shown in the reservation is/are not available
    • the payment information provided is invalid and no valid alternative information has been provided
    • the security systems indicate that the reservation displays anomalies or may be fraudulent
    • there are reasons to believe the guest is a minor
    • there are reasons, perhaps including previous incidents, which indicate the guest has breached Líbere’s established house rules.

    In the first two instances indicated above, Líbere will arrange to refund the total amount of the reservation.

5. Access to facilities and reserved rooms or apartments during your stay.

  • Access to the building and its rooms or apartments or rooms will be via a PIN. This will be provided at the time of check-in. Those people not included in your reservation are also granted access, but in no circumstances may they then stay overnight. In other words, Líbere will only allow the number of guests specified in the reservation to spend the night in its facilities. Furthermore, at no time must more people stay overnight in any room or apartment than the capacity of that room or apartment will allow.
  • Children under 18 years of age are not allowed to stay unless they are accompanied by an adult (aged 18 years and above).
  • You cannot access the facilities without first having made prior payment for your stay.

6. Behaviour of guests.

We are committed to the comfort and safety of all our guests. Anyone who, in the opinion of our team, potentially compromises the comfort or safety of other guests, the team itself, or our local residents, will be invited to leave the premises and no refund will be issued.

Furthermore, if any kind of damage occurs as a result of improper behaviour, Líbere reserves the right to charge a corresponding amount to the guest’s bank card.

If any of the conditions indicated in this document are not met, Líbere reserves the right to request immediate departure from its facilities, and any guest thus expelled will have no right to any claim or compensation.

7. Prohibitions.

It is expressly forbidden for the guest and/or any possible companions not included in the reservation, to carry out any of the following actions:

  • introduce furniture into the accommodation or carry out any work, modifications or repairs therein, no matter how minor, without Líbere’s permission in writing.
  • resell a room or apartment, or use them for another purpose, or as a destination to accommodate people not listed in the original reservation
  • introduce any kind of explosive or flammable materials or substances, or anything else liable to cause damage or inconvenience to the other guests on the premises, or to its staff
  • host or organise parties and events of any kind
  • smoking anywhere on the premises including in rooms or apartments
  • consuming drugs or any other type of illegal substance.

Furthermore, at Líbere Hostels you are not allowed to:

  • consume alcoholic beverages (except in the cafeteria, as long as they have been purchased at the establishment itself).
  • eat food in the bedrooms.

8. Cleaning.

In Líbere Aparthotels, the following schedule will be carried out during your stay:

  • Complete cleaning of the apartment once a week, or at the request of the guest (which will then entail a corresponding additional charge).
  • Basic cleaning and maintenance activities will take place in the apartment throughout your stay – replacement of amenities, rubbish collection, etc. As long as the guest is not inside at that moment, these will occur as frequently as Líbere considers appropriate.

In Líbere Hostels, the following schedule will be carried out during your stay:

  • Complete cleaning of the apartment once a week, or at the request of the guest (which will then entail a corresponding additional charge).
  • Basic cleaning and maintenance activities will take place in the apartment throughout your stay – replacement of amenities, rubbish collection, etc. As long as the guest is not inside at that moment, these will occur as frequently as Líbere considers appropriate.
  • In private rooms, bed linen and towels will be provided, while shared rooms will just be provided with bed linen.

9. Animals.

A reservation which includes pets carries a supplementary rate that will be indicated during the reservation process. In addition, you must also agree to comply with the following rules, so that your stay is as pleasant as possible, and does not cause any discomfort for other guests who are also staying with us:

  • Only dogs are allowed access without a weight limit. If you are travelling with a dog, you must notify Líbere before you check-in.
  • In the case of any other animal, you must notify us before you make a reservation, so that we can assess the situation on a case by case basis before confirming our acceptance.
  • A maximum of two animals are allowed per room or apartment.
  • In Líbere Hostels, animals are only allowed in rooms designated for private use.
  • The guest must keep the animal in proper hygienic and sanitary conditions.
  • The guest is responsible for any damage the animal may cause, either to third parties or to the furniture. The total amount of any such damages will be charged for on the final invoice of your stay.
  • A guest is responsible for an animal and its behaviour at all times.
  • Líbere reserves the right to refuse to admit animals that cause inconvenience to other guests, or to staff at the establishment, or animals which display inappropriate behaviour during their stay.
  • The presence of an animal in small, enclosed spaces, such as the lift, must be avoided, especially at times when it could constitute a nuisance for other guests, or for users of our facilities in general.
  • An animal may be alone inside a room or apartment for no longer than one hour maximum – as long as the guest remains within the facility and is available to contact should any issues arise.
  • Our room cleaning service will only operate when the animal is not in the room.
  • The animal is not allowed to relieve itself on the premises.
  • Whenever you leave, enter or stay within our facilities, you must always have the animal under control. It must be well secured, and muzzled and kept on a short leash if the regulations demand.
  • The animal must not be allowed to climb onto beds or sofas, or use any of the furnishings or furniture found in any room or apartment for its accommodation. A bed, drinker and feeder are supplied which are perfectly suitable for this purpose.
  • No animal can be bathed in the shower or bathroom in any room or apartment, nor can our towels be used to dry it.

10. Limitation of liability.

This document establishes all the obligations and responsibilities between Líbere and the guest. No further guarantees, conditions or other terms will be binding on Líbere, other than those expressly mentioned in this document, without prejudice to any responsibilities which according to the applicable Spanish law cannot otherwise be excluded.

In the event of force majeure or other exceptional event which prevents the provision of the service, and specifically, the making of a reserved room or apartment available to the guest, Líbere reserves the possibility of accommodating the guest, during all or part of their stay, in an establishment of equivalent standard, or to provide a service of the same nature, subject to the prior consent of the guest.

11. Modifications.

The absence of errors in accessing the website or its content is not guaranteed, nor is it guaranteed that the website is always fully updated. Nevertheless, we will make every effort to avoid such issues, and where appropriate, correct or update them as soon as possible.

We reserve the right to make changes to the website without prior notice, in order to update, correct, modify, add or delete its contents or its design.

If any of these changes affect your reservation, we will inform you at the time of booking or as soon as possible afterwards.

12. Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction.

The relationship between Líbere and the guest will be governed by current Spanish legislation, and any dispute will be submitted to the courts and tribunals of the city which corresponds to the location of the establishment where the reservation is made.

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