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Accommodation in Bilbao Líbere

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Accommodation in Bilbao to move freely

Bilbao is a destination offering a combination of the traditional and the avant-garde. This medium-sized city, in which the Basque tradition is mixed in equal parts with the most groundbreaking architecture to create an extraordinary atmosphere, is very accessible to visitors. Discover its museums, such as the Guggenheim and the Bellas Artes, its unique buildings, such as the Palacio de Congresos Euskalduna and the Azkuna Zentroa, or travel to times gone by in the streets of the Casco Viejo (Old Town). In addition, Líbere offers you a range of accommodation in Bilbao so that you can enjoy the city with total freedom.


Accommodation in Bilbao with exclusive locations

Thanks to the exclusive locations of our apartments, you will enjoy a comfortable stay tailored to your needs, just a few minutes from the city center. Forget about long trips.
  • Líbere Bilbao La Vieja Serviced Apartments

    Rediscover old Bilbao with total freedom.

    • In the heart of the most alternative Bilbao.
    • 5 minutes walk from Marzana dock and Ribera market.
    • Very close to the Old Town.
  • Líbere Bilbao Museo Serviced Apartments

    A space for you in the most avant-garde district in Bilbao.

    • Located next to the Guggenheim Museum.
    • 10 minutes walk from Plaza de Moyúa and the metro station.
    • Area with many shops and restaurants.

Accommodation in Bilbao for business travelers

If you visit Bilbao for work, you will need adequate accommodation for your business trip. We offer you everything you need, from high-speed Wi-Fi to a “one stop shop” service, thanks to which we provide you with the products or services that you request in an agile and simple way.

Frequently asked questions about Bilbao

  • What is the best area to rent accommodation in Bilbao?

    The Casco Viejo, the Ensanche and the city centre are the best areas to find accommodation in Bilbao. However, you can find accommodation at competitive prices in other parts of the city.

  • What is the best time of year to find accommodation in Bilbao?

    According to the data available on the internet, in May, June and August, the price of a hostel in Bilbao increases, so if you are looking for low prices, it is better to choose another time of the year. In winter, the rates go down, although you should take into account the city's climate.

  • How much do apartments in Bilbao cost on average?

    The price varies significantly depending on whether it is high or low season, the type of accommodation, the location, the number of rooms or whether it has a view or not, among other factors.


Bilbao guide

  • Things to see in Bilbao in a day

    If you are here for only a day, join us and explore Bilbao’s highlights. It is easy to get around the city by walking or cycling and discover the main attractions of Bilbao in a relaxed and comfortable way.

    One of the most photographed symbols of the city is the Guggenheim museum. Alongside, you will find Puppy, the colourful iconic sculpture by Jeff Koons. Fans of modern art will enjoy touring the various rooms of the Guggenheim, although if you want to get as much into the day as possible, just admire the exterior. Designed by Frank O. Gehry, the famous Canadian architect, it will leave you speechless.

    Nearby, you will also discover the Palacio de congresos y de la música, often referred tothe Euskalduna Palace. Now, cross the Doña Casilda Park and you will arrive at the Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao, only a 9-minutes walk away. There, you can view great works of art by painters ranging from Zurbarán, Murillo and Goya to El Greco, Sorolla or Gauguin.

    Next to the Doña Casilda park is the Gran Vía, the city’s main artery where the leading shops and businesses are located. Then, in just a few steps, you will reach the Azkuna Zentroa, one of Bilbao’s cultural nerve centres, with concerts, exhibitions, live art, documentaries, and much more.

    Continue your route to Bilbao’s Old Town, the Casco Viejo, an unmissable place. If you would rather go there directly by metro, go to the Casco Viejo metro stop to fully immerse yourself in its enchanting hidden corners. The Arriaga Theatre, Santiago Cathedral, the church of San Anton, the Mercado de la Ribera and the Plaza Nueva are just some of the essentials.

  • What to see in Bilbao and the surrounding area

    If you are one of those visitors who does not settle for just a single day, here are our suggestions for the most exciting places to visit.

    Getxo is one of the most highly recommended possibilities and is just 20 kilometres from Bilbao. Lapped by the Cantabrian Sea, it offers cliffs and perfect beaches for losing oneself. Another must-see is San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, world-famous for the hermitage and stunning landscapes.

    Another essential stop is Mundaka; this beautiful and picturesque town has a huge attraction for surfers. Every year, it draws legions of fans of this sport, keen to ride its magnificent waves.

    The possibilities are endless, but we must not forget to mention points of interest such as Lekeitio or Bermeo, traditional Basque fishing villages.

  • Eating in Bilbao

    For lovers of good food, Bilbao is an essential destination. In the Casco Viejo, you will find countless bars with counters packed with delicious pintxos, from the most traditional to the most sophisticated. In addition, Bilbao also has several Michelin-starred restaurants that will delight the most demanding diners.

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