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8 paellas in Valencia you should try

8 paellas in Valencia you should try

Valencian paella is one of the gastronomic delights enjoyed by tourists and visitors. Find out where you can try a quality recipe.

Paella: the typical dish of Valencia

It is a dish with a long history. It became very popular among rural professionals around the 16th century. At that time, the peasants prepared paella with the products of the countryside. It was in the 19th century when the dish reached international renown. It was at that time that a written recipe was first documented. Nowadays, this typical dish has a date in the calendar: September 20th. It is a day that coincides with an essential labor: the harvesting of rice (the most characteristic ingredient of paella).

Where to eat a good paella in the center

Where to enjoy a quality gastronomic experience in downtown Valencia? Take note of some of the most appetizing suggestions!

Bon Aire Restaurant

It is a restaurant that feeds the senses, beyond taste. Smell, sight, and hearing are part of a gastronomic experience that takes care of every detail. Rice and tradition are the main ingredients of its value proposition. The history of the business began in 1982. Since then, it has achieved numerous recognitions. In 2018-2019 it won the International Award at the annual Paella Valenciana competition in Sueca. Dry and mellow rice dishes feature prominently on the menu.

Address: Carrer de Cadbet, 41. 46012 Valencia.

Opening hours: Open every day from 9.00h – 18.30h.

El Racó de la Paella

It is an establishment where the diner can taste the flavor of the authentic Valencian paella. What components give a unique touch to the elaboration? First, the fire with orange tree wood. Secondly, carefully selected raw materials. The paella contains seasonal meat and vegetables. In addition to the data, there is also the expertise of a vocational and experienced cook. El Racó de la Paella has an extensive catalog that adapts to the needs of customers and families. For example, it offers a paella service to take home. It also offers a complete selection of rice dishes for people with celiac disease. On the other hand, the restaurant is set in a building with history: a cozy mansion from the year 1900.

Address: Carrer de Mossén Rausell, 17. 46015 Valencia

Opening hours: open from Tuesday to Sunday from 13.00h – 16.00h.

Casa Carmela

The restaurant has a main specialty: paellas to firewood Valencia. In addition, the diner can choose his favorite option among twenty varieties of rice. The lobster paella and the Valencian paella are part of its catalog. The latter is made with orange tree wood, which gives the dish its characteristic smoky touch. The elaboration is made with local ingredients. The restaurant is in an incomparable natural setting: on the Malvarrosa beach.

Address: Carrer d’Isabel de Villena, 155. 46011 Valencia.

Opening hours: open every day from 13.00h – 16.00h.

Alqueria El Brosquil

The restaurant is in Castellar. It offers a wide range of paellas: Valencian, mixed and lobster. In addition, it presents the best vegetable paella. It also surprises with a large selection of sweet rice dishes. Through the restaurant’s website you can take a virtual tour to discover the facilities. The rustic style decoration stands out in the atmosphere of this restaurant rice Valencia.

Address: Entrada Casa El LLarc, 1. 46026 Valencia.

Opening hours: open every day from 13.30h – 19.00h except Tuesdays.

Casa Granero Valencia

Rice dishes, along with starters, fish, meats, and desserts, occupy a prominent place on the menu. The restaurant, which opened in 1998, is in Serra. It is beautifully decorated in an old style. The diner can taste local dishes with an excellent presentation. Chicken and rabbit paella, seafood paella and seafood paella are some of the traditional dishes that are part of the gastronomic proposal of this rice restaurant in Valencia.

Address: Carrer del Cantó de la Torre, 9. 46118 Valencia

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 14.00h – 16.00h

Which paella is the best to take away

Some customers prefer to enjoy a paella recipe in their own home. Where can you place special orders for paella at home?

Paellas Velarte

Prepares complete paellas and individual portions of rice from Monday to Sunday. It also offers home delivery service. The Velarte team handles orders for small groups of family or friends. And prepares giant elaborations for events.

Address: Avenida de Peris i Valero, 178. 46006 Valencia.

Opening hours: open every day from 9.00h – 15.00h.

wood burning paella

The best paellas to eat on the beach in Valencia

Where to taste the best Valencian paella near the sea? Discover two proposals that we present below.

Marina Beach Club

It is a complex that is located between two emblematic points: the beautiful beach of Las Arenas and the Marina of Valencia. An environment that surprises with spectacular views of the Mediterranean. The Marina Restaurant and the Portet Restaurant are part of a complex that is integrated by a wide range of leisure activities.

Address: Carrer Marina Real Juan Carlos I. 46011 Valencia

Opening hours: open every day from 11.00h – 3.30h.

La Murciana

A project with history that began its trajectory in 1947. The Mediterranean flavor is at the heart of its gastronomic proposal. The chicken and rabbit paella is one of the typical dishes of La Murciana. The client can enjoy the scenery of the sea from its spectacular terrace. Therefore, La murciana combines the taste of the best paella in Valencia and the relaxing environment of nature.

Address: Paseo Marítimo de la Malvarrosa mod. 9. 46011 Valencia

Opening hours: open every day from 9.30h – 17.00h except Wednesdays.

rabbit paella

Valencian paella is one of the most consulted Spanish recipes on the Internet. Enjoy its unmistakable flavor and aroma! Do you feel like eating rice in Valencia? Let yourself be surprised by these proposals.