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Where to eat in Pamplona: best restaurants in city

Where to eat in Pamplona: best restaurants in city

Enjoy the quality and diversity of Navarran gastronomy during your trip to Pamplona. The city offers a wide selection of bars and restaurants located in the different neighborhoods of the capital. We invite you to take a route through the best Pamplona restaurants!

Restaurants with a terrace in Pamplona

The terraces are filled with life and joy, especially in spring, summer, and autumn. Also, remember that Pamplona is a university city.

El Burladero Restaurant, in Pamplona

It is located in the center of the city: Emilio Arrieta street, number 9. A location that stands out for its proximity to other emblematic points: Plaza de Toros, Plaza del Castillo, or Carlos III Avenue. El Burladero Restaurant, specializing in traditional Navarran cuisine, has a spacious dining room that can accommodate up to a hundred people. The restaurant offers a menu and à la carte service that highlights the quality of Iberian products. In fact, the restaurant’s kitchen specializes in preparing grilled fish and meat. The essence of the San Fermín festivities is very present in the restaurant’s decoration, which features a large terrace.

La Olla Restaurant, in Pamplona

The restaurant is located on Roncesvalles Avenue, number 2. It offers a permanent kitchen service during its opening hours. This restaurant opens its doors from 8:00 am to 12:00 am from Sunday to Wednesday. The closing period is extended until 1:00 am from Thursday to Saturday. The success of La Olla Restaurant has been consolidated throughout its twenty-five year history. Its cuisine is characterized by the quality and careful choice of products: a wide variety of Navarran vegetables, meat and fish. Enjoy their delicious pastry recipes, made in an artisanal way!

Alma Bar, in Pamplona

The restaurant is located on Beloso Bajo street, number 11. It is part of the Alma Pamplona Hotel. It is open every day during lunch and dinner hours. The restaurant’s gastronomy stands out for its traditional Navarrese accent. Vegetables, legumes, fish, meat, and desserts make up a quality menu. The restaurant is located in a natural enclave, very close to Arga Park. Secondly, its location also stands out for its proximity to the city center. In addition to the examples mentioned above, you can find many other Pamplona restaurants with terraces that will surprise you while you enjoy a pleasant walk through the streets of the capital of Navarra. Therefore, If you want to enjoy the menu of the day in Pamplona, you can find numerous proposals.

Cider houses in Pamplona

Pamplona offers a wide selection of bars, restaurants, cafes and cider houses. Next, we invite you to discover some of them.

Kaleangora Cider House, in Pamplona

It is located at Tajonar street, number 29. Its decoration is inspired by the aesthetics of any square framed in a town in the north of Navarra. The location is perfectly connected to the city center. The place opens its doors from Tuesday to Sunday. Its cider house menu unifies tradition, the flavor of local gastronomy, and quality. The chorizo ​​in cider, the grilled ribeye, or the cod omelet are some of the many dishes you can taste if you visit the Kaleangora Cider House.

Auzmendi Cider House, in Pamplona

Located on Joaquín Beunza street, number 17, in the Rochapea neighborhood, it is a cider house specializing in traditional Basque cuisine. The dinner can taste delicious homemade desserts: goxua, curd, cheesecake and many other proposals are part of this gastronomic universe. The menu is completed with a varied selection of seafood, starters, meat and fish. If you travel to Pamplona and want to visit the premises, you can make a pre-reservation online through the business’s website.

La Runa Cider House, in Pamplona

It is located in Errotazar street, number 26. Like the aforementioned business, it is also located in the Rochapea neighborhood. The history of La Runa Cider House begins in 2003. It offers a wide selection of menus with recipes made with products from the land. Reservations must be made by phone, which you can consult on the website of this cider house in Pamplona.

Restaurants with a menu of the day in Pamplona

The daily menu offers the opportunity to enjoy quality preparations at a more affordable price than the menu.

Kabo Restaurant, in Pamplona

It is located on Zaragoza Avenue, number 5. It should be noted that it is located on the first floor of the Hotel Avenida. Its gastronomic proposal masterfully unifies the essence of tradition, the best product, and the innovation of cutting-edge techniques. The name of the restaurant has a very special meaning: “butterfly”. The decoration of the restaurant is elegant, cozy and bright. The presentation of the table is completed with a crockery that has a very special design. If you wish, you can make your reservation through the Kabo Restaurant, in Pamplona website. The location of the premises is very close to the Pamplona Bus Station. It is one of the best restaurants in the center of Pamplona. In fact, it is just a few minutes from Plaza de la Cruz, which becomes the center of social life during the San Fermín festivities.

La Viña Restaurant, in Pamplona

It is located in the old town of Pamplona, more specifically on Jarauta street, number 10. It is a well-known restaurant in the area, since it has a long history. It is an ideal place to enjoy Navarre cuisine. The menu of the day is also very affordable. You can complete this gastronomic experience with a pleasant walk through the old town, where the Pamplona Cathedral, the Palacio del Condestable, and the church of San Saturnino are located. If you want to eat the menu of the day in Pamplona, La Viña is a great choice.

Melbourne Restaurant, in Pamplona

It is located on Olite street, number 36. The property’s location is very close to the mythical Olite Cinemas, which closed its doors a few years ago. It is a restaurant that values ​​the quality of seasonal and traditional cuisine. It offers a menu with a wide selection of first and second courses. The street in which the restaurant is located stands out for its long and wide sidewalks, making it a perfect environment to enjoy a pleasant walk. In addition, it is located very close to the commercial area of Carlos III Avenue and its immediate surroundings. Also, it is only a few minutes from the Plaza del Castillo and the old town. In short, Melbourne is one of the best restaurants with a menu of the day in Pamplona. Enjoy Navarran gastronomy during a trip to Pamplona that can surprise you at any time of the year. We have presented a wide selection of proposals that are part of the best restaurants in Pamplona. But the local gastronomic offer is remarkable in every corner of the city. The best menu of the day in Pamplona stand out for their attention to detail. You can find proposals for all tastes, such as a vegetarian restaurant in Pamplona.