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Visit Pamplona in a day

Visit Pamplona in a day

Pamplona reaches an international projection during the month of July, as it is the time of the year when the mythical festival of San Fermín is celebrated. The beauty of the Navarran capital surprises the visitor at any other time of the year. You can get to know the city’s green areas and other emblematic places in a single day. The landscape of the city is discovered in a pleasant walk through its streets, since there are no great distances between the points that make up the itinerary that we recommend below. Do you want to visit Pamplona in a day?

Places to visit in Pamplona

Pamplona offers an interesting cultural program throughout the year. It also stands out for its great commercial offer. Admire the architectural beauty of its streets and avenues. And enjoy pleasant walks through its spectacular parks and green areas.

Plaza del Castillo in Pamplona

Without a doubt, it is the most representative image of the city. In it you can find a large selection of bars, restaurants and cafes with large terraces. The square connects directly with Carlos III Avenue, a pedestrian walkway that is approximately one kilometer long. On both sides of the street are a variety of stores, such as perfumeries, jewelers, shoe stores, decoration stores, and clothing and accessory stores. In short, the avenue is a popular shopping area that you can visit if you want to do some shopping. Very close to the Plaza del Castillo is the mythical Gayarre Theater, which presents an attractive offer of theatre, music, and dance. The Plaza del Castillo also connects with the old Pamplona. The benches in the square are structured around the kiosk in the center. At this point is the mythical Café Iruña, which opened its doors in 1888.

Estafeta street

Estafeta street is one of the busiest during the celebration of the San Fermín festivities. Tourists who visit the city at other times of the year usually take this itinerary to discover the charm of a street with an intense social life. It has a wide range of bars and restaurants. It is the perfect environment to taste proposals of Navarrese gastronomy. Enjoy a wide variety of pinchos and discover the old town of Pamplona!

Citadel of Pamplona

It is made up of an attractive walled environment, beautiful sculptures and large green areas that are located in the heart of the city. Take a seat and contemplate the landscape that surrounds you in one of the numerous benches that you can find on your way. The Parque de la Ciudadela in Pamplona closes its doors around 9:30 p.m. It is an enclave with an important historical and natural value. The Citadel is also the center of cultural life. If you feel like it, visit the exhibition halls to enjoy the interesting artistic programming. The main gate of the Pamplona citadel park, which gives access to the interior of the enclosure, is on Ejército Avenue.

citadel of pamplona

Museum of Navarra

Its address is: Cuesta de Santo Domingo, number 47. It is located in the Old Town, like Estafeta street, which we have previously referred to. The Museum highlights the value and beauty of the Navarrese heritage. The cultural offer of the city is extended in different points of interest. Do you want to know more about Pamplona museums? Then you can also visit the Museum of Pablo Sarasate, an eminent violinist and composer born in Pamplona in 1844. The Museum is located in the Palacio del Condestable, a restored building located on Mayor street, number 2. It has an elegant Renaissance style. And the entrance is free.

Pamplona Cathedral

It is the focal point of Dormitalería street, number 1. Its facade shows the elegance of the neoclassical style. The interior, meanwhile, sports a Gothic aesthetic. The cloister is perfectly preserved, which is why it is one of the most important in Europe. For its part, the Cathedral Museum exhibits sacred art.

Plaza de los Fueros in Pamplona

Some of the most emblematic squares of the city are filled with music during the celebration of the San Fermín festivities. The Plaza de los Fueros, which was inaugurated in 1975, also hosts an important program of concerts during the magical nights of July. It has an irregular shape and is perfectly framed in beautiful gardens. The interior surface is pedestrian and has a paved floor. A quiet environment that contrasts with the intense traffic of the streets closest to the square.

Beautiful parks in Pamplona to disconnect

Without a doubt, the capital of Navarra will surprise you with its extensive green areas. Below, we present two emblematic parks in Pamplona.

Yamaguchi Park: the Japanese-style garden of Pamplona

Well, Yamaguchi Park, in Pamplona, is located on Barañáin Avenue, just a few minutes from the citadel. This Pamplona garden was inaugurated in 1997. It is an enclave with an intense cultural life. Keep in mind that the Planetarium of the city and the Garden of the Galaxy are located there. For its part, the Yamaguchi Public Library encourages reading. You can also consult the offer of the Golem Yamaguchi cinemas, located in the square that has the same name as the mythical Japanese garden, in Pamplona.

Taconera Park: a refuge from the hustle and bustle of Pamplona

Finally, Taconera Park stands out for its spectacular floral decoration, with an approximate area of 90,000 square meters. It is very close to Mayor street, which we have previously referred to. It has an attractive romantic style. In addition, the Taconera Park surprises with a small zoo that is home to swans, ducks (as well as other animals). It is an environment that offers a trip back in time. This is the oldest park in the city and was designed in 1830. Keep in mind that it is a magical place. Do you want to visit Pamplona and its surroundings? Make a stop along the way to explore this amazing place. Discover the charm of the Navarran capital in autumn, winter, spring, or summer. For more information about places to see, visit the Tourist Office at San Saturnino street, number 2. There are many places of interest that will surprise you beyond the Museum of Navarra or Citadel of Pamplona. If you want to extend your stay for a longer time, you can find Pamplona places to feel at home in Líbere accommodation.