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Discover the best views of Barcelona: Montjuïc, Bunkers del Carmel, and Tibidabo

Discover the best views of Barcelona: Montjuïc, Bunkers del Carmel, and Tibidabo

Maybe you’ve traveled to Barcelona before or perhaps it’s a dream getaway you’ve been planning for a long time. We want to invite you to explore strategic points in the city to discover some of the most beautiful views. From the highest points, you can admire spectacular angles and take quality photographs.

Montjuïc: A Historic Viewpoint

We begin this special route with a very interesting proposal: visiting Montjuïc Castle and its surroundings allows you to discover panoramic views of Barcelona thanks to its excellent location. The construction is located on the high part of a mountain. Consequently, it is a unique enclave to connect with the city.

We encourage you to observe the surroundings as a whole, although, from this location, you can also focus on specific objectives such as the sea and another recommendation we will mention throughout the article: from there you can stop at a perspective oriented towards Tibidabo. There are many viewpoints in Barcelona and this is one of them. That’s why it shouldn’t be missing from the itinerary.

Bunkers del Carmel: An Authentic Perspective

We recommend you make a stop at one of the most relevant viewpoints in the area, which is located on Turó de la Rovira.

From there, you can enjoy a perspective of the city positioned at a height slightly exceeding 260 meters. Besides immersing yourself in the landscape, the site also offers a encounter with history. By showing a panoramic image of the city as a whole, the viewpoint becomes a reference point to contemplate the neighborhoods, monuments, and landscapes that are integrated into Barcelona’s map.

Tibidabo: Beauty from the Heights

We continue advancing in this itinerary through the highest surfaces of Barcelona to take a break at another point with a strategic position. It is a space that offers other very interesting attractions, besides the landscape. Keep in mind that there is an amusement park located there that offers a dreamlike environment to spend time with family or friends. The park offers a wide selection of entertainment options. One of the most admired attractions is Giradabo, since from this panoramic wheel, it is also possible to contemplate the surroundings from an unique angle.

The history of this proposal began in 2014, the year of its inauguration. You can check the access conditions to the attraction, as there are some safety restrictions related to the height of the users. There are other timeless proposals that are also present in Tibidabo such as, for example, the mythical Carousel. The Funicular is another highlight in a park that has a panoramic area we invite you to discover. As we have commented, the places we have pointed out throughout the itinerary are located in areas that allow you to observe Barcelona from above. At what height is Tibidabo located that merges with the landscape of the Collserola mountain range? Its location is framed at just over 500 meters from where you can obtain a panoramic image of Barcelona.

Explore More Viewpoints and Views

If you want your travel experience to connect with the image of Barcelona seen from above, the viewpoints located in the area become a fundamental reference for any visitor. As mentioned earlier, we have pointed out that Bunkers del Carmel are part of an itinerary that links with the most beautiful views of the city. And, as we mentioned, the Bunker of Turó de la Rovira is linked to the history of Barcelona and the Civil War.

Continuing with other historical references, it is worth noting that the figure of Christopher Columbus is also integrated into the city of Barcelona. If you are looking for a very central location, this is the perfect proposal, as it is located around La Rambla, one of the most visited areas by tourists. So, if you visit the Mirador de Colom during your next trip to Barcelona, you have the opportunity to perceive an image of the city from another angle.

During your stay in the city of Barcelona, you can fulfill various tourist objectives. For example, observe the creativity of Antoni Gaudí in works as relevant as the Sagrada Familia or the mythical Park Güell. You can also walk through different streets to get to know the atmosphere of its neighborhoods, do some shopping, or attend cultural events. However, there is another perspective that you cannot miss during your stay: the image of Barcelona seen from above through Montjuïc, Bunkers del Carmel, Tibidabo, or the Mirador de Colom.

In this way, when you perceive a panoramic image of the city, you contemplate the beauty that is present in the whole, as happens in a true work of art. Undoubtedly, the panoramic views of Barcelona deserve significant attention. Not only can you appreciate the nuances of the environment calmly, but you can also immortalize the best views of the capital in photographs.