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Complete guide to San Fermín in Pamplona: Experience the Sanfermines to the fullest

Complete guide to San Fermín in Pamplona: Experience the Sanfermines to the fullest

Every year, Pamplona becomes an international reference center in terms of fun and entertainment. The San Fermín festivities completely transform the city’s rhythm with dance, music, and traditions. From July 6th to the 14th, the festive atmosphere fills the streets uninterruptedly. In fact, the events in the program are very diverse as they cater to families, groups of friends, and people of all ages. Essentially, San Fermín is a cross-generational celebration. Below, discover all the keys to visiting Pamplona during that time of the year.

History and meaning of San Fermín

The festivities pay homage to one of the patrons of Navarra: San Fermín shares this position with San Francisco Javier. The celebrations have evolved throughout history; however, their origin dates back to around the 12th century. Keep in mind that the earliest records are from this period.

One of the most rooted traditions is reflected in the attire worn by locals and visitors. The white color and the unmistakable red scarf become a universal symbol. The celebration not only takes place in the streets but also extends to the table. Families and groups of friends gather for lunch. Additionally, many people visit the Chapel of San Fermín every year, located in the city center, specifically in the Church of San Lorenzo.

There, the traditional mass of the San Fermín staircase is celebrated, marking the countdown to the start of the upcoming festivities after the beginning of the year. Each month represents a step during this temporal period, summarized in the following dates: January 1st, February 2nd, March 3rd, April 4th, May 5th, and June 6th align with the celebration of July 7th.

From an emotional perspective, the festivities connect with the feelings and memories of the many people who visit Pamplona during the month of July.

The experience of the Running of the Bulls in San Fermín

The Running of the Bulls is one of the best-known events. In fact, throughout the rest of the year, it is common for visitors to walk the streets of the old town to carefully explore the route that is part of the race. It is essential to follow the established rules to enhance safety. The runner must be of legal age and must prepare consciously to face a portion of the route. Preparation is not only physical but also mental and emotional. In other words, it is essential to approach the challenge with the utmost responsibility.

There are different books that delve into the essence of the runs and their runners. “Julios intensos” is a work by Jokin Zuasti. “7 de Julio,” a book written by Chapu Apaolaza, is another example.

Gastronomy and festivities during San Fermín

Bars, restaurants, and cafeterias face a very intense rhythm from July 6th to the 14th. The churros from Churrería La Mañueta become one of the most sought-after delights in the morning. But gastronomy also includes other typical products such as eggs with chorizo, ajoarriero (a traditional dish), and sandwiches (for snack or dinner).

The festivities also revolve around gastronomy. It is essential to rest and be well-fed to continue enjoying the celebration. One of the most anticipated moments for families and groups of friends is the lunch on July 6th (which precedes the chupinazo, the opening ceremony).

Recommended accommodations for San Fermín

Pamplona receives a large influx of visitors during July. Therefore, it is important to search for and book accommodation well in advance. The Gran Hotel La Perla is located in Plaza del Castillo. The Hotel Maisonnave is in the old town. The location of Hotel Tres Reyes is very close to the Church of San Lorenzo (where the Chapel of San Fermín is located).

Pamplona is a very welcoming city to walk and stroll through its streets. Generally, the distances are not very long. Therefore, it is possible to walk many routes on foot. If you are looking for accommodation in Pamplona for San Fermín, the Libere Pamplona Yamaguchi apartments are located in a very quiet area (and within walking distance of the city center). Other visitors travel to other surrounding areas to rest at a campsite, for example.

Travel tips and safety for San Fermín

Pamplona is a city perfectly connected to other destinations through a wide variety of train and bus services (the station is very central). Avoid carrying valuables during your stay. How to reduce the risk of theft or loss in those points where crowds gather the most? If you use a small backpack or purse, it is essential to always place it in the front. Also, do not carry a large amount of money in your wallet.

Finally, if a possible theft occurs, it is important to file the corresponding report as soon as possible. On the other hand, it is worth noting that many objects can be found through the Lost and Found Office.

Experience San Fermín fully

The magic of San Fermín is felt in its streets. And the program of events offers a wide variety of entertainment proposals throughout the day. Therefore, check the scheduled program for each day. However, you can also immerse yourself in the city’s rhythm more spontaneously by approaching the streets and squares of downtown Pamplona.

We invite you to read this article and other complementary publications about San Fermín carefully to plan your visit during the next July for an unforgettable trip with family or friends.