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12 things to see and do in Ciudad Real province

12 things to see and do in Ciudad Real province

The province of Ciudad Real offers a wide range of possibilities during an unforgettable trip. The itinerary can be enriched with literary experiences, walks through natural areas, and visits to monuments with history. Below, we present a guide with our recommendations for living an unforgettable getaway to Castilla-La Mancha.

Tourist places in Ciudad Real

We begin the itinerary with a presentation of places that deserve special attention.

Plaza Mayor of Ciudad Real

Undoubtedly, it is a very important setting for neighbors and visitors because it is perfectly connected with the streets of the Old Town. For this reason, you can enter this area of ​​the city while contemplating the architecture of the facades of the buildings. Additionally, it is a commercial environment that provides nearby service. The Plaza Mayor offers numerous perspectives. For example, you can observe the neo-gothic style of the City Hall. The mythical Casa del Arco is also framed in the square, which currently boasts a beautiful carillon clock.

Enjoy your stay in the square. And, if you want to find more information about the destination, visit the Tourist Office (since it is located at number 1).

Museum of Quijote in Ciudad Real

Your trip to Ciudad Real can have a literary component. The Museum of Quijote offers you the possibility of knowing new curiosities about a fundamental title in the history of universal literature. The museum exhibits a wide variety of works of art. But it is also a place of research and learning as shown by its library. The catalog that makes up the collection delves into the biography and creativity of Miguel de Cervantes, author of the novel Don Quijote de la Mancha. If you love literature, you will enjoy a very special space in this museum located on Ronda de Alarcos: discover the charm of the bookstore.

Admission is free. Take advantage of the opportunity that the space offers you to learn some curiosities about the characters in the novel. That is, let yourself be surprised by a cultural environment that feeds curiosity (and not just from great book lovers).

Natural sites in Ciudad Real

Spring offers the ideal setting to enjoy the natural sites of Ciudad Real. Don’t miss our recommendations!

The Ruidera Lagoons

This Natural Park has an area that exceeds 3,700 hectares. Contact with the environment provides a key experience in environmental education. Likewise, it is possible to practice hiking in the area through different routes. It is advisable to participate in a guided tour to fully know the place. In this regard, it should be noted that the itinerary can be traveled in the traditional way, that is, on foot. However, the guided tour of the Ruidera Lagoons can also be completed by car.

The landscape frames fifteen lagoons that stand out for a very special feature: the appearance of their crystal-clear waters. To fully enjoy your presence in the place, visit the Visitor Center for more information. This point is located in Ruidera.

Daimiel Tables National Park

Another of the natural spaces that will surprise you is this National Park. It received this recognition in 1973. Check all the information you need at its Visitor Center to discover its main itineraries, which have a low level of difficulty. Generally, this space opens its doors from 9 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon. If you wish, you can use binoculars to observe the details of the environment. The presence in the Daimiel Tables National Park feeds the senses. For this reason, it is recommended not to raise your voice during the itinerary. Silence is very positive.

It’s essential to have responsible behavior and take care of the landscape. You can find different bins in the area. Lastly, before planning your visit, check the weather forecast.

Historical and Cultural Heritage in Ciudad Real

Ciudad Real surprises with the beauty of its nature, but also with its historical heritage.

Castle of Calatrava la Nueva

Located in Aldea del Rey, from April to September it opens its doors from Tuesday to Saturday. It is a setting with a high historical value, as you can see in a complex formed by several buildings that align with different periods. The landscape of the place shows a walled environment in which a great fortress and a church stand out.

Would you like to buy your ticket to discover in detail this wonderful corner of Castilla-La Mancha? In that case, you can only do it in person at the ticket office located in the castle. Currently, the general admission price is four euros, although access is completely free for children under five years old (who are accompanied during the itinerary).

Archaeological site of Alarcos

Its location is very close to Ciudad Real, just eight kilometers away. In this area, the chapel of the Virgin of Alarcos, a beautiful Gothic building, is located. Access to the park is free, but it is necessary to make a reservation before participating in the guided tour that lasts more than an hour.

Gastronomy in Ciudad Real

Gastronomy is another point of interest for visitors. Discover the taste of its most typical products: wine and cheese.

La Mancha Wine Route

Enjoy a range of activities focused on wine tourism. If you are traveling with family, you can make many plans with children. For example, visit wineries or the Torre del Vino Museum, located in Socuéllamos. The program offers a wide variety of educational workshops. On the La Mancha Wine Route, you can also participate in cultural and ecological activities.

The La Mancha Wine Route offers a wide range of services. For example, you can attend a tasting to discover new sensations through smell and taste. On the website, you can find all the information about oenology, museums, wineries, festivals, events, and plans that make up the itinerary.

Manchego Cheese Route

Would you like to delve into a gastronomic route? Manchego cheese is undoubtedly an essential ingredient in the local cuisine. In fact, Castilla-La Mancha has positioned itself as a benchmark in lactotourism. Would you like to join this new trend that shows the value of gastronomy during a trip? In that case, participate in different tastings and visit a cheese factory.

Festivals and Traditions in Ciudad Real

Discover some of the most relevant dates to plan your trip to Ciudad Real during a special moment.

Carnival of Ciudad Real

It is an event that is celebrated every year during the months of February or March. It is an event that has the recognition of Regional Tourist Interest. The most anticipated moment of the Carnival is the Piñata Sunday that brings together neighbors and visitors around a spectacular parade that puts the finishing touch to a week full of activities. Immerse yourself in the party and enjoy the show!

Holy Week in Valdepeñas

The processions are very present in this municipality that programs different events between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. Keep in mind that several brotherhoods and fraternities participate. During your trip, you can observe the beauty of the imagery. The processions are scheduled in different areas of Valdepeñas. Check the calendar to attend those that pass near your location.

Charming Villages in Ciudad Real

What other villages can surprise you?


A cultural destination that welcomes a new edition of the mythical International Festival of Classical Theater every year. Walk through the streets of the place to discover its Plaza Mayor where the Corral de Comedias is located. A building that is very linked to the history of theater.

Continuing with the cultural theme, it is worth noting that the Municipal Theater is located on Calle San Agustin, 20. It is located in a building that has a beautiful neoclassical aesthetic. And you can contemplate the architecture of other churches and palaces while walking through Almagro.

Villanueva de los Infantes

We end the itinerary through the different corners of Ciudad Real with a special mention to this town. The heart of the place is represented in its Plaza Mayor. The Tourist Office is located on Calle Cervantes, number 16. It is a place full of history, as shown by the facades of its stately buildings. Special mention deserves its Museum of Contemporary Art whose entrance is free. It is located on the same street as the Tourist Office.

Undoubtedly, the province of Ciudad Real has many treasures to discover. You can take inspiration from this itinerary to organize an unforgettable trip.