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How to have fun without getting wet in Bilbao when it’s raining

How to have fun without getting wet in Bilbao when it’s raining

Bilbao is a place that is worth discovering even if the weather’s not good since the city offers a wide range of attractions and fascinating leisure proposals to be enjoyed indoors.

In this post, we will recommend various activities that you can do in the city on a rainy day, including suggestions for families travelling to Bilbao with children.

Museum exhibitions in Bilbao

Regardless of the weather, museum exhibitions such as the emblematic Guggenheim is always worth a visit since both its permanent and temporary collections are recognised as being of great artistic interest.

If you go into the museum with children, you can explore elements such as Richard Serra’s maze labyrinth that they will love, as well as the sculptures outside, such as Bourgeoise’s giant spider or Jeff Koons’ flower dog. And if you go early, you can also enjoy the range of workshops the museum offers for both adults and children.

A visit to the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum is equally fascinating, and children under 12 years get in free. Although if you are looking for a great space that brings together culture and leisure, the best option is undoubtedly the Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao’s historic warehouse that offers exhibitions, concerts, a toy library, children’s workshops. It is an ideal place to visit either as a family or with adults alone.

A rainy day in Bilbao can also be the perfect occasion to explore the Arriaga Theater. This neo-baroque building stands out both for its façade and its interiors, which you can discover through guided tours.

What to do in Bilbao with children in rainy weather

If you are going to Bilbao with children and the weather is not good, there are also many options for plans aimed at children, which can be enjoyed without any problem even if it’s raining.

For example, in Mungia, just a few kilometres from the city, you have the Caserío Izenaduba, a fun theme park dedicated to Basque mythology that offers all kinds of activities for the little ones. They are also sure to have a great time at the Bizkaia Park Abentura de Güeñes, a pirate-themed indoor playground.

And if you prefer to stay in the city, some plans are sure to appeal, such as the laser fights at the Lasergune, a leisure space where the young and not-so-young have a lot of fun. Although if you are looking for something quieter, The Roomhunter, an escape room located in the old part of the city, could be a good alternative for the whole family.

Eating pintxos in Bilbao

It is always the right time to delight the palate with delicious Basque pintxos, regardless of whether we have gone to Bilbao in rain or fine weather.

The best places to savour them are the typical bars of the old town. But if you are travelling with children and it is raining, it may be a good idea to go to the Mercado de la Ribera, a restored historic building located in the heart of the estuary. Here, you can enjoy some exquisite pintxos in the restaurant, which also offers activities for little ones such as workshops, storytelling, and plays.

Apartments in Bilbao

The best option for accommodation during your visit are apartments in Bilbao, such as those offered by Líbere. They are ideal for families with children and are ideally situated right in front of the Guggenheim Museum. This is particularly important if you have some rainy days during your getaway and you need your accommodation to be handy for any change of plans.

And these apartments offer every comfort: a fully equipped kitchen (including a washer-dryer), advanced air conditioning technology, Wi-Fi, TV, and much more! Enjoy maximum comfort on your getaway to Bilbao.