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A pintxos route along Ledesma street

A pintxos route along Ledesma street

If you travel to Bilbao and want to immerse yourself in the city’s social life, visit one of its most well-known streets: Calle Ledesma. One of the social plans shared by many groups of friends and families is to meet around this area of pintxos, which has become an authentic gastronomic route.

History and tradition of pintxos in Bilbao

Although the tradition of pintxos has spread across different cities, its origin is contextualized in San Sebastián. Bars and venues display a wide variety of small-sized elaborations on their counters. One of the characteristics of pintxos is their format. Pintxos maintain their original essence but have evolved through innovation, creativity, and experimentation. Originality not only aligns with the search for quality ingredients and appealing flavors but also plays with textures to create delicious compositions.

What makes Calle Ledesma special?

The location of Calle Ledesma is central to the city, in fact, it is very close to Gran Vía. Ledesma, with its wide variety of taverns and bars, has become a true pintxos route. What elaborations stand out in the available offer in the area? The tortilla pintxo triumphs in different varieties. The unique aroma of croquettes cannot be missing either. In addition to the classic options, other alternatives with the creative touch of their author are successful.

Tour of the best pintxos bars on Calle Ledesma

During a trip to Bilbao, you can experience a perfect combination of cultural plans, gastronomic experiences, and walks through the city’s neighborhoods. Undoubtedly, Calle Ledesma deserves extra attention if you want to enjoy a pintxos plan. Which establishments position their offer in the area? As you will see for yourself when you visit the place, the list of the best pintxos bars is extensive. Below, we make a brief selection with more specific recommendations.

El Puertito

C/ Ledesma

Oysters are the star product of El Puertito. A gastronomic proposal complemented by the quality of an extensive variety of wines.


C/ Ledesma

If you fancy a good vermouth, you can make a stop at Promenade. It is the ideal space to taste one of the most typical elaborations: gildas.


C/ Ledesma 18

The offer available on Calle Ledesma can also take you on a journey through flavors. Do you love pizza? Fratelli is a reference in the area. It also offers a varied selection of drinks to accompany a slice of pizza. Beer is a common choice.

Bar Artajo

C/ Ledesma 7

Bar Artajo, with a cozy and familiar atmosphere, is located at number 7 on Calle Ledesma. What is its star proposal? Its offer is extensive, however, the squid rings are highly demanded by customers (as well as their croquettes).


C/ Ledesma 5

We continue advancing in this pintxos route through Bilbao to make a stop at our next recommendation: Periflú. A reference in the area for the quality of its potato omelets. You can also taste other elaborations such as gildas.


C/Ledesma 4

There are other trendy venues in Bilbao that are located beyond Calle Ledesma. Pepi&to, on Berástegui Street, is a space specialized in the preparation of high-quality sandwiches. There you can try elaborations of sirloin, beef, or Serrano ham (as well as other delicious varieties).

How to fully enjoy a pintxos route on Ledesma

Do you feel like enjoying a pleasant gastronomic walk along Calle Ledesma? Activity in the area intensifies around noon. A lively atmosphere also forms as the afternoon progresses and night approaches. Calle Ledesma is very central, so you surely have the possibility to immerse yourself in the area more than once. Going out for pintxos is a gastronomic and sensory experience. For example, if you visit a place that has a varied selection of elaborations on the counter, carefully observe the careful presentation of each recipe.

There are times when many people gather in the area. Although, generally, pintxos are usually enjoyed standing. For example, you can try some proposals while chatting with other people around the counter. Basque gastronomy and social life form the perfect combination during a trip.

If you feel like going out for pintxos in Bilbao, plan your visit to Calle Ledesma. But once there, go with the good atmosphere that surrounds you. Without a doubt, it is a destination that has numerous points of interest, some of them known internationally. If you want to acquire new knowledge about art, visit the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum. And you can also experience other gastronomic plans such as going out for pintxos. This way, you will have the opportunity to try some of the most typical ingredients. Gastronomic excellence extends throughout the city, beyond Calle Ledesma. However, this environment has achieved great projection and has become an authentic pintxos route in Bilbao. Discover its flavors, ingredients, and elaborations!