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The most beautiful towns in Córdoba

The most beautiful towns in Córdoba

Would you like to plan your next vacation getaway to make an itinerary through the most beautiful villages of Cordoba? Make a route adapted to the duration of the trip to discover unforgettable environments through inland tourism. Cordoba is universally known for the majesty of its courtyards that, during the first half of May, expose its wide variety of colors and shades. A spring tradition that has been recognized as Intangible Heritage of Humanity. The Mosque-Cathedral, in the city of Cordoba, receives numerous visitors every year.

It is a building with a high value that presents a journey through the history of architecture and art. Enjoy a stroll through its neighborhoods to explore its streets and squares. The Avenida del Alcázar, the Plaza de la Corredera, La Judería, the Paseo de la Ribera and the Calleja de las Flores are integrated into the plan of the place. Beyond its characteristic elements, Cordoba stands out for its proximity to other nearby towns. Quiet places that stand out for their closeness to nature. And, therefore, they are ideal to enjoy a quiet and relaxing getaway with family, as a couple or with friends.

Quality gastronomy amazes in every corner of the province. Salmorejo and fried eggplants are two of the typical dishes. The Cordoban cake, one of the most characteristic sweets of the area, is made with puff pastry. Any time of the year is perfect to enjoy the charm of Cordoba. Spring, for example, offers pleasant temperatures. During the endless summer days, you can discover every place day or night. Keep in mind that the time you visit offers a particular perspective of the landscape. Therefore, plan a route that aligns with your personal expectations in spring, summer, autumn or winter – Cordoba welcomes you 365 days a year!

Charming villages in Córdoba

There are many municipalities that arouse the interest of the visitor. The following is a list of charming villages in Cordoba.


There you can visit the Casa de las Columnas. It is a historic building of the eighteenth century that played an essential role in the past: keep in mind that it was the place where the collection of taxes was carried out. Coats of arms adorn the facade. In Iznájar you can also discover the Patio de las Comedias, whose name recalls the artistic importance that this beautiful corner had in the sixteenth century. Numerous theatrical performances were presented there.


Priego de Córdoba

The Castle of Priego de Córdoba is an Arab fortress with a sober image and a walled complex. The Torre del Homenaje has a high artistic value. This emblematic construction is located in Marqués de Priego Street. The Fuente del Rey Priego de Córdoba, on the other hand, combines baroque and neoclassical styles. It is a design formed by three pools in which the mannerist aesthetics of its front part is perceived. Therefore, the Priego Castle and the Fuente del Rey are two of the points of interest that you cannot miss in this municipality of Córdoba.

Belmez Cordoba

Belmez is located in the Guadiato Valley, 70 kilometers from the capital of the province. It is a municipality with a high heritage of religious buildings with history. The construction of the Church of the Annunciation and the Hermitage of the Virgen de los Remedios dates back to the 16th century. In the heart of the municipality is the Plaza del Santo. The Paseo Vicente Sanchez is the ideal place if you want to enjoy a pleasant walk in contact with nature, discover the beauty of a park with a very relaxing atmosphere! Belmez is one of the villages near Córdoba that will surprise you.


Zuheros Córdoba

It is a village that has been recognized as an Asset of Cultural Interest. A mention that puts in value its Historic-Artistic Ensemble since it is perfectly cared for. Zuheros to see: the castle-palace is one of the most emblematic buildings. The castle opens its doors to the public from Tuesday to Sunday. On the other hand, Zuheros is the ideal place to enjoy astronomy. There is an astronomical observatory from which it is possible to contemplate the firmament in an environment without light pollution.

Almodovar del Rio

The Almodóvar del Rio Castle, declared of Cultural Interest, is in a perfect state of preservation. It is a cultural space where events, school activities and dramatized visits are held. Tourism Almodóvar del Rio has an extensive catalog of points of interest. The Church of the Immaculate Conception is located in the street Maestro Amalio Labajo, 1. The Manor House of the Natera is a building built in 1777 that is structured around a courtyard. The baroque style stands out in the facade of this building located at Plaza de la Constitución, number 9. In addition, the current municipal library is located in the Old City Hall. The address of this cultural and literary environment is as follows: Calle Vicente Aleixandre, 10.

Other beautiful towns near Cordoba that you must visit

There are many other charming villages that are spread throughout a province that is positioned as a benchmark in inland tourism. We share a selection of proposals with villages to visit in Córdoba.

Hornachuelos Córdoba

Going to Hornachuelos is one of the objectives that you can fulfill during an upcoming trip. The Hacienda San Bernardo Hornachuelo is a palace house whose origin is contextualized in the eighteenth century. The environment, located in Sierra Morena, underwent a major transformation process in the twentieth century. Hornachuelo tourism offers a wide range of activities. The Sierra de Hornachuelos Natural Park stands out for the excellent level of conservation of its vegetation.

Montoro Córdoba

Montoro village offers a combination of monuments, nature and gastronomy. Contemplate the spectacular views of the area from one of its strategically located viewpoints. In addition, you can discover a wide variety of hiking trails. You can also visit its many cultural spaces. The Antonio Rodríguez Luna Museum, in the Plaza del Charco, pays tribute to the figure of the artist who was born in the town in 1910. On the other hand, the Municipal Archaeological Museum, in the Plaza de Santa María de la Mota, surprises the visitor with a historical journey that begins in the Paleolithic. Discover this town in the province of Córdoba!

montoro cordoba

Baena Córdoba

What to see in the area? The Baena Oil Museum is one of the emblematic places. It is a cultural space that extends over two floors and 800 square meters. The visit to the museum provides a sensory experience to discover the curiosities of the world of the olive grove. The building is located at 7, Cañada Street.

Espejo Córdoba

Espejo is another of the towns to see in Córdoba. A municipality with a high archaeological value. There you can visit the Aljibe, the Albuhera and the Pontanilla. The Casa de las Cadenas, on the other hand, has a beautiful baroque style. The Ducal Castle, in which the Torre del Homenaje stands out, is a restored fortification.

Córdoba beautiful villages, nature, gastronomy and traditions: enjoy an itinerary through the most beautiful corners of the province on your next trip to Andalusia!