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The Fallas of Valencia: Celebration and Tradition

The Fallas of Valencia: Celebration and Tradition

Celebrations and traditions of each town or city hold great significance in both cultural and tourist spheres. In the upcoming month of March, the mythical Fallas de Valencia will be celebrated, and it’s important to note their significant value as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Let’s delve into the origins, curiosities, and scope of the Fallas. Are you planning a getaway to the capital of Turia? We present a guide to visit the Fallas!

Origins and Evolution of the Falla Valenciana

Like other celebrations, the Valencian falla has evolved from its origins to the present day. However, the essence of the festival remains, as evidenced by one of its most representative symbols: fire. One theory regarding the origins of the Fallas emphasizes the role of carpentry professionals. Carpenters celebrate their patron saint’s day on March 19, the feast day of Saint Joseph.

It seems that the current celebration connects with an ancient custom that carpenters carried out on that day when they burned various elements in small bonfires. One of the ingredients used in the process was “parot,” which illuminated the workspace during winter days. With the arrival of March 19, the winter season was left behind to welcome the longer and brighter days of spring.

Rooted Traditions of the Fallas

Do you want to know in detail the most outstanding traditions of the Fallas? “La plantà” is crucial for the works created by the “falleros” to be admired and contemplated by everyone. In other words, the work carried out by the artists is perfectly exposed and integrated into the city. Another eagerly awaited event is the floral offering, through which Valencians pay homage and show their gratitude to the Virgin of the Forsaken. It is a very emotional act in which “falleros” and “falleras” participate.

Fire holds great symbolism, as evidenced by the “cremà” (which concludes the celebration). The exhibited works experience a turning point with the burning that takes place on March 19. The works that are part of the Fallas have great artistic value. Each monument frames a specific proposal that, moreover, uses satire and humor.

Highlighted Celebrations in the Fallas de Valencia

One of the most significant moments of the celebration is the awards ceremony. That is, each award highlights the quality of the proposed work, accredited by such recognition. Pyrotechnic shows are also very present in the festival program. Firework displays transform the sky into a universe of light and sound admired by all those gathered around the Turia Gardens. Another highly anticipated pyrotechnic event is the “Mascletà,” held every day around 2:00 p.m. in the Town Hall Square.

As in other important celebrations held elsewhere, music is also an essential part of the Fallas. As you will observe during your presence in the city, music bands bring the streets to life.

Cultural and Touristic Importance of the Fallas de Valencia

The Fallas are very important for Valencian families who actively participate in the events integrated into the program and get involved in the preparations. It is also a festival recognized by UNESCO that values the Valencian falla as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. It is a celebration that gives visibility to art, creativity, and craftsmanship. Another value discovered during the celebration is teamwork.

The Fallas have a notable impact on the local economy as they directly affect the commercial, hotel, and hospitality sectors. If you want to dine with family or friends at a restaurant during those dates, it is advisable to book a table as soon as possible. Keep in mind that during this period, the city receives visitors from different parts of Spain and various international destinations. It is also common for those living in the area to dine out. In other words, the festivities have an impact on the economy and business activity in the area because Valencians also increase their level of spending during the celebrations.

Others experience the magic of some of the events that bring to life a celebration with a very special identity through television. The Fallas also have an impact on the media. Visit the city of Valencia and discover the festival. As we mentioned in this guide, the sound of music and pyrotechnic shows, the aroma of flowers, the originality of the presented works, as well as the textures, nuances, and flavors of gastronomy, transform the city during the month of March. To not miss any details of the festivities, read the program of events.