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6 easy hikes and trails in Málaga

6 easy hikes and trails in Málaga

Do you feel like hiking during your next holidays? Do you want to find interesting trails to organize an unforgettable getaway?

Water trails in Malaga, one hour away from the city center

Hiking routes allow you to discover the city of Malaga in close contact with the landscape of the area. Here are six surprising walks that will surprise you.

Trail of the Tolox waterfalls

It is a circular route that has an approximate distance of ten kilometers. You can identify the registered route by means of the license plate PR-A-282. We give you some safety tips for walking the proposed itinerary. First, check the weather forecast. Postpone the activity if the desired conditions for hiking do not occur. For example, avoid days that are accompanied by heavy rain (and the days that follow). What footwear is best suited to protect your feet? The ideal design is a pair of hiking boots. Take with you all the essentials to enjoy an unforgettable day. Water and food are basic ingredients to nourish and hydrate yourself. Also, use telescopic poles for support.

The Charco de la Virgen Trail is part of the itinerary, and its license plate is SL-A. The Charco de la Virgen, with a linear structure, is covered in approximately one hour. The path runs near the river of the Horses. Tolox hiking surprises with impressive waterfalls. And the Charco de la Virgen Tolox is one of the most spectacular enclaves that you will find. If you are wondering how to get to Tolox, we propose different proposals below. Traveling from Malaga to the destination is an excellent option. You can travel the distance by direct bus, cab service or rental car. Tolox is in the lower part of the Sierra de las Nieves, remember that the Malaga hiking trails with water are very refreshing!

Tolox Waterfalls

Green River route

The trail is officially identified as PR-A 280. The itinerary emphasizes one of the most spectacular enclaves of the Río Verde Istán: the Charco del Canalón. It is a hiking proposal that has a medium level of difficulty. You can walk the Río Verde Route in approximately ninety minutes. The starting point is centered in the Plaza del Cha in Istan. The Rio Verde Malaga is part of the Natural Park of the Sierra de las Nieves. The Charco del Canalón, meanwhile, is a very refreshing environment. It is recommended that you enjoy moments of silence during the journey. In this way, you connect with the environment through its most characteristic sounds. For all these reasons, the Río Verde hiking route is relaxing and surprising.

Mills of the Tagus

This is one of the itineraries that you can enjoy if you travel with your family. The Camino de los Molinos will show you a different image of the city of Ronda. The path revolves around the proximity of the river. It should be noted that the natural enclave has a high landscape and natural value. It is the perfect setting for bird watching. Their songs and flights embellish the path of the mills. Therefore, spring is the ideal time to plan the route. There is a point of interest that is strategically located to contemplate a panoramic view of the surroundings.

Visit the Puente Nuevo viewpoint, which is a monument in itself. The viewpoint is located on Tenorio street and has an approximate height of 98 meters. The Ronda hiking route has a low level of difficulty, although you should take any path with caution. It has 5 kilometers. What is the time required to complete the route? Reserve a little more than two hours in the agenda of the trip to live the experience calmly. Therefore, it is one of the easy Malaga hiking routes.

Ronda Málaga

Cycling routes in Málaga

Do you love cycling? Then, take note of the following itineraries that we propose below.

Guadalhorce river estuary

It is a place that combines vegetation, ornithological value, and its spectacular non-natural lagoons. The enclave is located very close to the historic center of Malaga. Keep in mind that it is a location that is framed approximately seven kilometers away. It should be noted that in 1989, the mouth of the Guadalhorce was declared a Natural Site.

Therefore, bet on a sustainable means of transport to discover the environment. You can park your bike in areas that are perfectly signposted. It is one of the hiking trails in Malaga that you can go during your next getaway.

Guadalhorce Málaga

Fuente de Piedra Lagoon

Keep in mind that it is the most important lagoon in Andalusia (from the point of view of its extension). The nesting of the flamingo is one of the attractions of the wetland. It is an environment that attracts attention for its biodiversity. Note that numerous species of birds are integrated into the landscape throughout the year. For example, the bee-eater, the common stork, the goldfinch, the little owl, and the common crane.

In addition, the colors of the orchid, the mallow, the poppy, and the almond tree are integrated into the landscape. The visit to the Laguna de Fuente de Piedra offers you a specific perspective in each season. Remember that the environment is aligned with the rhythm of nature. In short, this is one of the best hiking routes Malaga.

Fuente de Piedra Lagoon

Routes of the Montes de Málaga

The landscape of the natural park Montes de Málaga is characterized by the abundant presence of Aleppo pine (which cares, strengthens, and protects the soil). It is a hiking area that offers different itineraries. Pocopán is one of the most visited marked trails.

It is a linear route that has a medium level of difficulty. The path starts from the point where the Aula de la Naturaleza Las Contadoras is located, on the Carretera de Colmenar A-7000. The classroom is framed in a building of the 18th century. It is a space that programs training and awareness activities. For this reason, you can consult information of interest to undertake the route.

Route Montes Málaga

Take note of this list of hiking routes Malaga summer to live an unforgettable vacation. As you can imagine, sport and nature form the ideal binomial. Check the weather forecast before specifying the time chosen for a route.