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5 patios to visit in Córdoba

5 patios to visit in Córdoba

Would you like to travel to Cordoba during the next spring? Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the visual beauty of its spectacular patios, which have the admiration of residents and visitors from all over the world. In fact, they have an international projection as Intangible Heritage of Humanity. That is, the patios of Cordoba are a reference in the cultural field.

When to visit the patios of Cordoba?

Spring invites you to discover the magic of the Cordoba patios. It is a time of year when nature undergoes a transformation. You can immerse yourself in its colors during the first two weeks of May. During this period, the mythical Festival of the Cordoba Patios is celebrated.

An event that has been held annually since 1921. However, if you travel to the city at any other time of the year, you also have the possibility to visit some of its patios. Do you prefer to tour the most special locations at a quieter time when there is not so much influx of people? In that case, plan a getaway outside of the high season. Next, we invite you to make an itinerary through some of the most representative spaces. Five patios of Cordoba that you cannot miss!

What patios of Cordoba do you have to visit?

Patio de los Naranjos

One of the most emblematic patios is located on Cardenal Herrero Street. It offers the perfect setting for walking and practicing mindfulness in a relaxing environment. It not only stands out for the beauty of its colors, but also for its aromas (including the smell of orange blossom).

The landscape is completed with the presence of several fountains. The Patio de los Naranjos, which is located in the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, stands out for its long history and its extension.

patio de los naranjos cordoba

Patio del Convento de Santa Marta

The Convent of Santa Marta was founded around 1462. The building is completed with a complex comprising several patios. The property is located on the street of the same name. One of the most relevant spaces of the convent is the Patio de Recibo: a stage of silence, calm and serenity.

In the plan of the place, the presence of four doors that connect with different parts of the building stands out. A beautiful patio that is perfectly decorated with a wide variety of flowers and plants. If you want to find accommodation in a Cordoba patio, make your reservation at Líbere Cordoba Patio Santa Marta. It is located in the center and has a wide range of services!

patio convento de santa marta

Patio de San Basilio

Come to one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of the city: San Basilio. Its mythical patios can be visited throughout the year (although opening hours vary throughout the season). Those visitors who wish can plan a private route. The experience lasts approximately two hours.

Therefore, the itinerary is completed with a detailed explanation that provides the visitor with a greater understanding of the cultural and artistic significance of the patios. The visit also includes a tasting of typical products of the city.

patios de san basilio cordoba

Patio del Palacio de Viana

The Palacio de Viana, located on Plaza de Don Gome, is a very important monument. And it stands out for the image of its numerous patios. The Patio de Recibo, for example, occupies a strategic location in the plan: it represents the main entrance. It is an elegant, sober and welcoming context in which the beautiful decoration of the bougainvilleas triumphs. In the Patio de los Jardineros, on the other hand, you can find the spectacular perspective of a vertical garden.

The Patio del Pozo, as its name suggests, is structured around a central nucleus. The Patio de las Columnas has a rectangular shape. In the architecture of the space, in addition to the columns, the design of its beautiful fountains is integrated. The Patio de la Alberca, as well as other locations, complete the itinerary that is part of the visit to the Palacio de Viana.

patio de viana cordoba

Calleja de las Flores

Calleja de las Flores, one of the most visited in the destination, is very close to a building we have mentioned before: the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba. Remember that you can visit the Patio de los Naranjos there. Do you want to delve into the floral universe of the patio environment in Cordoba?

Include this narrow street located in the neighborhood of La Judería in your route. It is located in the heart of the place, in fact, it receives a large influx of visitors each year. And it is photographed by all those who want to keep a memory of its views. In the nearby environment, different gift shops offer a wide selection of products. Therefore, you can do some shopping during the walk.

Therefore, the most beautiful patios in Cordoba deserve special attention during the spring (but their magic remains intact at other times of the year). It is the ideal leisure plan to live unforgettable moments as a couple, with family or friends.

calleja de las flores cordoba