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The closest and most accessible beaches in Bilbao for taking a dip in summer

The closest and most accessible beaches in Bilbao for taking a dip in summer

Surrounded by cliffs, unspoilt and perfect for surfing, the beaches of the Basque Country are one of this destination’s many attractions. You have available all kind of options, which allows you to combine exploring the city with relaxing by the Atlantic Ocean.

If you’re planning a visit to Bilbao and you want to get out of the city to enjoy the beach, join us and discover the most amazing hidden corners that are easy to reach.

Plentzia and Gorliz Beach

Plentzia and Gorliz beaches combine to form the enchanting bay of Plentzia municipality. Its calm waters, vast sands and a range of sports and leisure facilities make this spot an ideal option for a family day out. In addition, the promenade allows immediate access to the municipality. It offers a fascinating combination of a day by the sea and the opportunity to explore one of the most picturesque fishing villages in the northern coast. If you’re travelling by car, follow road BI-3151 and locate the parking areas alongside the metro and at the beachfront. If you prefer, the last stop on metro line 1 brings you to the same municipality.

Sopelana Beach

Sopelana consists of three separate beaches. Arrietara and Atxabiribil beaches are bordered by a rocky ledge and form what is known as the Larrabasterra surfer area, with surf schools and bars such as El Peñón and the Sunset. On the other hand, the beach of Barinatxe or La Salvaje is located in the westernmost part. Popular with nudists, it’s the quietest in Sopelana and offers different activities such as the famous paragliding trips to admire the views along the coast. To get here, drive on BI-634 to Sopela or use metro line 1 to Larrabasterra or Sopela stations.

Azkorri Beach

Azkorri is the wildest beach in Getxo and with its stunning natural environment, it’s one of the most beautiful. You’ll find Azkorri beach located below the Uribe Kosta cliffs, but it’s very easy to reach by car and is equipped with showers, toilets and picnic areas. A little paradise for surfers and visitors looking for a bit of tranquillity at the beach. You can access this beach driving along the BI-634 road or via metro line 1 to Larrabasterra.

Beach in Bilbao (Getxo)

Arrigunaga Beach

A little closer to the centre of Bilbao, this other Getxo beach is located under the incredible cliffs of Punta Galea and flanked by the Mirador de Algorta and the famous Aixerrota mill. As well as a beautiful location, this beach offers numerous activities, such as surfing, skateboarding or relaxing at the beach bar and other bars nearby, such as the Illunabar. And don’t forget to pay a visit to the creperie! You can get to Arrigunaga by metro by line 1 to Bidezabal or by the routes A2162, A3411 and A2451 of Bizkaibus.

Ereaga Beach

Ereaga is Bilbao’s quintessential urban beach and is located in the municipality of Getxo. It’s a beach of around 800 metres and extends from the historic harbour of Algorta to the Arriluze breakwater. We recommend you take the beach route walk and visit La Terraza or La Ola restaurants, ending the day in the Old Port to enjoy the sunset. To get to Ereaga, you can choose between metro line 1 to Neguri and Aiboa or the Bizkaibus lines A3411, A2162, or A2451.

La Arena Beach

Thanks to its proximity and excellent connections, La Arena beach is the most popular with the inhabitants of Greater Bilbao. With an idyllic location on the Muskiz coast between the mouth of the Barbadún River and mountains, this destination is perfect for surf lovers and families who want to enjoy its natural environment, leisure areas with restaurants, picnic areas and leisure facilities such as its famous skatepark. You can access La Arena by car on the A8 towards Santander, since it has public parking or, if you prefer, on the Bizkaibus A3338 along the Muskiz-Barakaldo-Areeta route.

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