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Tips for finding accommodation in Bilbao at a good price

Tips for finding accommodation in Bilbao at a good price

Bilbao is a city of transformation, change and contrasts. During the last few decades, the Basque capital has gone from being one of the most important industrial cities to a beacon of modernity and innovation, uniting its new identity with a deeply rooted culture and tradition. Located in an area surrounded by mountain ranges, affectionately known as “el botxo”, or “the hole”, the Greater Bilbao region is divided only by the well-known Ría de Bilbao. The river plays a starring role in the city’s evolution, the protagonist of countless events, the companion of fascinating walks through El Arenal, and boat tours that will leave you open-mouthed!

Being a destination with such a rich and varied tourist offer, it is not surprising that, at times, finding a room is a complicated task. If you are lucky enough to be able to visit this city on your next getaway, we offer below the best tips to finding your accommodation in Bilbao.

Cheap accommodation in Bilbao

As we have already mentioned, the Ría de Bilbao is the city’s main artery, so finding accommodation near it guarantees an unbeatable location. Although Bilbao has superb public transport offering easy access to other areas, the freedom of being able to visit almost every corner of the city on foot will help you feel like one of the locals!

Of course, not all the central areas charge the highest prices, and these are the most affordable options for your visit. Here, we are talking about the Casco Viejo (the Old Town), the birthplace of the best pintxos in the city, and the Mazarredo area, the meeting place of the city centre, the famous Salve bridge and one of the most emblematic museums in Bilbao, the Guggenheim.

But if you are looking for a Bilbao experience at the best price, it is essential to consider the various events and dates throughout the year. Attending the Semana Grande de Bilbao in August may be the best plan of the summer, it is most likely that it will also be so for many more visitors. So it will be more challenging to find suitable accommodation and what is worse, more expensive! As Bilbao is an increasingly popular destination for a short break, the best option is to visit the city during the week.

But, if despite this, you want to experience the best parties in the town, we recommend you make your reservation in advance.

Accommodation in and around Bilbao

Another option is to find accommodation in the outskirts of the city. Taking advantage of the metro lines connecting the Greater Bilbao region and following the course of the Ría de Bilbao towards the coast, you can choose the area that suits you best. And on many occasions, the price could be lower than some areas of Bilbao’s city centre.

On the estuary’s right bank, you will find the coastal town of Getxo, amongst others. The well-known Puerto Viejo ( Old Port) de Algorta is located here, as well as neighbourhoods where you will discover the authentic Basque culture and tradition at the foot of the Cantabrian Sea. On the left side of the estuary, la Margen Izquierda, you can explore the famous fishing village of Santurtzi. Topographic elements such as Mount Serantes or maritime icons such as La Sardinera complement a town rich in gastronomic experiences and offering magnificent panoramic views of the Basque country.

Accommodation in Bilbao for families

One of the essentials when travelling as a family, apart from a good location, is to find accommodation that suits everyone’s tastes and needs. So it is crucial to pay close attention to the services offered by the accommodation.

In this case, apartments are a great option. Many of them have common leisure areas where you can rest, and the little ones can enjoy the space next to home. Likewise, you can use the kitchen for occasions when you have the time to prepare a meal or simply prefer to feel at home.

If you are travelling with babies or pets, don’t forget to take a look at the apartment services and make sure they have cots, extra beds, or that they are dog-friendly!

An option offering all these advantages is the Líbere apartments in Bilbao. Fully adapted apartments and studios located on the banks of the Bilbao Estuary with views of the iconic Guggenheim Museum. Spaces with a minimalist design with simple lines that generate a neutral and warm environment, perfect for making it your own. Technology, design and customisation combine to offer an unattended accommodation experience. Whether it is a trip with family, business or friends, you will be able to access different services to design and adjust the stay to the needs of your stay in Bilbao.

Feel free and start enjoying the accommodation, as if it were your own home.