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The 15 best beaches in Bilbao and its province to enjoy this summer

The 15 best beaches in Bilbao and its province to enjoy this summer

The Basque region is an ode to maritime life, luxury gastronomy, enchanting fishing villages and, above all, the most astonishing natural landscapes. Land and sea converge to offer its visitors beaches for cooling off in summer and yearning for the rest of the year.

Accompanied by the memory of long sunlit hours, dips trying to dominate the waves on surfboards and toasting the sunset with the last beer, today we invite you to visit the 15 best beaches in Bizkaia this summer.

La Arena Beach

Located on the Muskiz coast between mountains and the mouth of the Barbadún River, La Arena beach is one of the most notable natural enclaves in the region. This part of the Itsaslur route is one of the most highly regarded destinations for surfers and is also a perfect option to enjoy with the family. As well as almost 1km of sand, there’s an ample green space fully equipped for leisure extends over its dunes with picnic areas, restaurants and recreational games, such as the famous skatepark.

How to get to La Arena beach: by car, take the A8 towards Santander. Bizkaibus A3338 (Muskiz – Barakaldo – Areeta route). A parking area is available.

Ereaga Beach

Although located in Getxo, Ereaga is Bilbao’s urban beach par excellence. A sandy area of ​​almost 800 metres stretches from the Arriluze breakwater to the Old Port of Algorta. Famous for soccer and beach volleyball, Ereaga was also formerly frequented by the aristocracy of Europe. You will be amazed by the palaces of Las Arenas and Algorta.

We recommend that you enjoy a day here, treat yourself in the restaurants of La Ola or La Terraza and end your visit in the Old Port with some pintxos and a beer at sunset.

How to get to Ereaga beach: Neguri and Alboa stations on Line 1 of Metro Bilbao. Bizkaibus lines A2162, A3411, A3451.

Azkorri Beach

Thanks to its natural environment, Azkorri is considered one of the most stunning beaches. It’s located in the Getxo municipality, beneath the Uribe Kosta cliffs. Fully accessible by car and equipped with toilets and showers, this little paradise is perfect for a long day at the beach for surfing and attempting to master the famous wave of the “Akanti”.

How to get to Azkorri beach: by car, you can get there by the BI-634 road (there are two authorised parking areas). Larrabasterra station on Line 1 of Metro Bilbao.

Sopelana Beach

Sopelana is made up of three beaches. Arrietara and Atxabiribil are delimited by a rocky ledge, thus forming the Larrabasterra surfing area. Surf schools, an extensive sandy area and the bar area, are the essence of this natural environment with countless options to enjoy the summer. Our recommendation? Finish the day with one of the delicious smoothies at the El Peñón bar, the best way to accompany some cinematic sunsets.

The third beach that makes up this area is Barinatxe, or better known as La Salvaje. Popular with nudists, it’s usually the quietest part of Sopelana. If the day permits, don’t miss the opportunity to take a paragliding trip and enjoy the views of the entire coast. But if you prefer to shelter from the sun, we recommend going up to the La Triangu bar and relaxing to the sound of classic rock rhythms on its wooden terrace.

How to get to Sopelana beach: it can be reached by car on the BI-634 road and Larrabasterra and Sopela stations on Line 1 of Metro Bilbao.

Meñakoz Beach

A tranquil, natural space away from the urban centre. Located in the municipality of Barrika, it’s one of the most extraordinary beaches in the area, surrounded by cliffs and with about 400 metres of rock and sand. Meñakoz is known as the quintessential nudist beach in Bizkaia, although it is also a true sanctuary for surfers, as the largest and most complete wave in the province forms here. However, the walks can be a bit tricky because of the rocky landscape, so we recommend you do a walking route through the surrounding area before going down to enjoy this little gem.

How to get to Meñakoz beach: access by car from Barrika on the BI-2122 road.

Barrika Beach

Thanks to its lovely scenery, Barrika beach is another of the region’s most popular beaches. A spectacular area surrounded by cliffs and covered with rock that appeals to those in love with the wildest destinations. You access it via long stairs, but be aware of the tide times; at high tide, the beach tends to disappear. To round off the day, go to the Golfo Norte, where you can enjoy the best sunsets with live music.

How to get to Barrika beach: Bizkaibus A3518 (Bilbao – Bakio route). By car, take the Bilbao Mungia BI-631 road, continue towards Bermeo, and then take the BI-2101 detour. You can also go along the coast, along the BI-3151 road.

Muriola Beach

Muriola is the third beach in the Barrika area. Small and pretty, it’s surrounded by nature like its neighbours. Although it lacks services, it’s a perfect spot perfect if you’re looking for a small, private haven of peace. You can access it through a small path from the car park.

Fans might recognise its spectacular location as one of the settings for the famous Game of Thrones series, giving life to Dragonstone.

How to get to Muriola beach: access by car from the town of Barrika.

Plentzia - Bilbao Beach

Plentzia and Gorliz Beach

The Plentzia and Gorliz beaches come together to complete the beautiful bay of the Plentzia municipality. Next to the mouth of the river Butrón, these beaches with calm waters are perfect for a family day out. You’ll find a wide range of services nearby, including restaurants, toilets and showers, sports and leisure facilities and schools where you can get started in various water sports. This sandy area is also easily accessed from the town centre. It’s directly connected to the promenade, making it perfect for combining a day at the beach with a visit to one of the most picturesque fishing villages in the north.

How to get to the beaches of Plentzia and Gorliz: Bizkaibus A3451, A3499. Plentzia Station (last station) on Line 1 of Metro Bilbao. By car, you can get there by taking the BI-3154 road. There’s a dedicated parking area beside the metro station and another two next to the beach.

Bakio Beach

Located in the heart of the town from which it takes its name, Bakio is another of the urban beaches making up the Bizkaia coast. Extending for some 980 metres, this sandy beach makes this coastal town the ideal destination for a quiet day at the seaside. It’s also one of the closest points to the famous islet of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, which you can see in the distance from the shore.

How to get to Bakio beach: Bizkaibus A3518 (Bilbao Bakio route). By car, take the BI-631 from Bilbao to Mungia road and continue towards Bermeo, take the BI-2101 detour. You can also go by the BI-3151 coast road.

Aritzatxu Beach

We continue our journey along the Bizkaia coast until we reach Bermeo and Aritzatxu beach. Especially popular with diving enthusiasts, this small cove of golden sand is surrounded by large rocks and lies within the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve. A fully conditioned natural enclave to rest after a visit to the port and enjoy a drink in its bar with magnificent views.

How to get to Aritzatxu beach: the beach is located next to the town of Bermeo. By car from Bilbao, take the BI-631 road. You can also take the Euskotren line E4 (Bermeo station, the last one).

Laidatxu Beach

Leaving Bermeo behind, our next stop is in the fishing village of Mundaka. Although declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Laidatxu Beach is most famous for having the most consistent left waves in the world. As a result, surfing championships such as the Billabong Pro have chosen this venue, hence its international reputation its specialisation in this water sport. But if you prefer a quieter visit, we recommend taking a ferry to Laida beach and discovering the natural enclave of the reserve as a whole.

How to get to Laidatxu beach: by car, take the B-631 road from Bilbao to Bermeo and then take the Bi-2235 road to Mundaka. Mundaka station on the Euskotren line E4.

Urdaibai Bilbao Beach

Laida Beach

As we mentioned, Laida beach is very close to Laidatxu. Located in the municipality of Ibarrangelu, it’s the largest beach in the Mundaka estuary and, with almost a kilometre of fine sand and very shallow water, it’s perfect for a family trip with children. Laida is an “arm” of sand that extends into the Urdaibai marshes and is an ideal natural environment for sports such as windsurfing or canoeing.

How to get to Laida beach: by car, from Bilbao to Gernika and then take the BI-3234. A parking area is available.

Laga Beach

Laga beach is one of the most pristine in the nature reserve. Just 4 kilometres from Laida, this sandy area open to the Cantabrian waves is the preferred destination for surfers from Gernika and its surroundings, and its location far from the city makes it an unbeatable option for those who are looking for tranquillity. We recommend taking a route through Monte de Ogoño before going down to the beach; you’ll be amazed by the views from the viewpoint!

How to get to Laga beach: by car, you can get to the BI-3234 road where a parking area is available. From Mungia, you can reach it by Bizkaibus A3526.

Karraspio Beach

Perhaps one of the most photographed beaches in the entire province of Bizkaia! Karraspio, although it’s practically in Lekeitio, belongs to the municipality of Mendexa. Its greatest attraction is the island of San Nicolás, located just off-shore and which you can access at low tide by walking directly over the sand. Karraspio beach offers endless possibilities for a day in the sun; it’s the preferred destination for lovers of Basque gastronomy thanks to its proximity to the famous port of Lekeitio. It’s also perfect for learning a range of different water sports.

How to get to Karraspio beach: Bizkaibus A3512 and A3513 (Bilbao – Lekeitio routes). By car, on the AP-8 towards San Sebastián, exit 84, take the BI-633 and then the BI-2405.

Ondarroa beach

The last stop on this trip will be Ondarroa and Arrigorri beach. Located next to the boardwalk that delimits the port, this small sandy area is perfect for those who like to combine the beach with walks or visits to the fishing village. Its location in the urban area of ​​the municipality also allows you easy access to the bars, leisure areas and the promenade.

How to get to Ondarroa beach: Bizkaibus A3915 and A3916 (Bilbao – Ondarroa routes). By car, on the BI-633 road. A parking area is available on the neighbouring Gipuzkoan beach of Saturraran.

Accommodation in Bilbao

An ideal place to stay is the Líbere holiday apartments in  Bilbao. You’ll find these accommodations in two of the most visited areas of the town: Líbere Bilbao Museum near the Guggenheim and Líbere Bilbao La Vieja in the Old Town. Two fully-equipped design spaces where technology and customisation transform your stay into a home in the Basque capital. It’s an unbeatable location with a range of different services to create your own unique experience.