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Five walks through Bilbao to discover all corners of the city

Five walks through Bilbao to discover all corners of the city

Strolling peacefully through Bilbao’s streets is an adventure that holds innumerable surprises. This fascinating walk takes you on a journey between the modernity of its contemporary architecture and the past of the Old Town, founded over seven centuries ago.

This experience is well worth at least a couple of days, so we suggest you enjoy the city by staying in our apartments in Bilbao. Discover with Líbere the city’s most characteristic corners through our five suggested walking routes.

Walks along the Bilbao estuary

One of the pleasures that Bilbao gives us is walking along the estuary, savouring everything that it offers as you go. In recent years, the margins have been rehabilitated, providing a new perspective of the city. The areas that once housed shipyards and industrial zones have now become spaces for leisure and recreation. On our route, we will depart from the Arriaga theatre in the direction of Zorrotzaurre. On the way, we will encounter emblematic buildings such as the Town Hall, bridges such as Zubizuri or La Salve, and further on, the imposing view of the Guggenheim on the other side of the estuary. We will finish this route on the island of Zorrotzaurre, which was a peninsula linked to the Deusto neighbourhood until a few years ago. After intensive remodelling, it has become the modern and accessible area that it is today. One of the examples of what is the most current and groundbreaking Bilbao.

Walks through the Casco Viejo or Old Town

The “Seven Streets”, as Bilbao’s Casco Viejo or Old Town is also known, is a living memory of what the original town was back in the 14th century. Among the essentials that we will find on this route is the Church of San Antón, the Mercado de la Ribera, in the modernist style, or the Cathedral of Santiago. You can end this walk at the Marzana pier, an excellent place to rest on one of its terraces. Here, you can contemplate the beautiful sunset light over the city and the reflections of the estuary.

Bilbao la Vieja Mural Route

Urban art has earned a place in its own right in the tourist guides to the Basque capital. In a bid to recognise this art form while providing cultural life to popular neighbourhoods, the murals have already become an icon. Colourful proposals with geometric drawings such as the one that decorates number 20 on Urrutia street, the vibrant “Txikles” on Iturburu street or the famous “Spindles”, covering the entire side of a building on 7, Calle Miribilla, are amongst the more striking. Other proposals tell us about social causes, such as immigrants’ rights or the fight against gender violence. As a whole, they are a beautiful sample of creativity that delights our eyes in a peaceful walk between Bilbao yesterday and today.

Bilbao estuary

Descent from Mount Artxanda

A perfect plan to enjoy the mountain a step away from the city. For the ascent, the Artxanda funicular is an ideal solution, suitable for everyone. The stop is in the Plaza del Funicular, between the Salve bridge and the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall), and allows you to travel to the top of the mountain in just three minutes. Once there, a pleasant natural environment awaits the visitor, with picnic areas, terraces and restaurants where you can recharge your batteries. The views of the city are spectacular, especially from the lookout. On the way back, a descent on foot is an excellent option to exercise while enjoying the different views of the city.

Boat trip along the Bilbao estuary

One of the most original ways to get to know the city from another perspective is to explore it from the estuary itself, the heart of Bilbao. Here, a tourist offer is designed to provide a different way of getting around and discovering the area’s unique points. Depending on the time we want to dedicate and the route we want to take on our walks through Bilbao, there are two options. In both cases, the starting and finishing point is at the Pío Baroja pier, in a very central and accessible area. If we have an hour, we can opt for a quiet tour of the village. If this is not enough, another possibility takes us from the estuary to the sea, returning to the same point at the end of the route. On this short cruise, we will reach the towns of Greater Bilbao and Portugalete, without making any stops but with a priceless view of the entire area. Whichever option is chosen, we can get to know a little more about this corner of northern Euskadi on a relaxed and colourful walk.