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Fiz Marathon and Vitoria Triathlon: make your reservation at the Líbere Vitoria aparthotel

Fiz Marathon and Vitoria Triathlon: make your reservation at the Líbere Vitoria aparthotel

Although people often talk about Vitoria’s historical and cultural heritage and its tourist attraction, the Green Capital of the Basque Country also lives up to its name by hosting a range of sports events. Thanks to the flat terrain, street layout, and beautiful surroundings, the city hosts major events such as the Martín Fiz Marathon and the well-known Ironman triathlon every year. Two disciplines inviting locals and visitors alike to discover the culture and essence of the Basque capital through their passion for sports. If you are planning to travel to Vitoria to take part in these competitions, in the following article you will find useful information.

Martín Fiz Vitoria Marathon Route

During May (dates to be confirmed in 2021), Vitoria is once again preparing to host the Martín Fiz de Vitoria-Gasteiz Marathon. A three-distance race adapted to different levels (10k, 21k and 42k) allows you to enjoy the city’s most iconic sights from a new perspective. With the starting grid in the Plaza Nueva, the Martín Fiz Vitoria Marathon route circles the town, reaching the Berlin promenade area in the 10k, the Mendizorrotza sports complex and the Salburua Park in the 21k and doubling the latter distance for the 42k. The organisation is also working on new circuits adapted to the youngest family members, with distances from 250 metres to 750 metres – a unique opportunity for the first steps of future marathoners.

And as well as the enthusiastic participation of the locals, runners will have the fantastic opportunity to share the race with the best ambassador, Martín Fiz himself, who will accompany the participants along the route. Will you accept the challenge?

Martín Fiz Vitoria Marathon Registration

If you’ve decided that this is the year to push your limits and break new records, the Martín Fiz Marathon is an excellent opportunity. As mentioned above, the race usually takes place during May (dates to be confirmed in 2021). However, runners can register up to a few days before the event or, where appropriate, until there are no numbers available in each category.

Register online through the official website of the EDP Vitoria-Gasteiz Maratón Martín Fiz, as long as you are of legal age, selecting the category in which you want to test yourself. Each race will be subject to different deadlines and payments for the numbers, although they will all be delivered in the same place and at times established by the same organisation. All set? Let’s go!

Vitoria city centre

Ironman Vitoria Tour

After Martín Fiz’s marathon, Vitoria demonstrates the city’s optimal capacities for sports competition once again in July. With the mountainous environment, the range of natural settings and the characteristics of northern Spain, the Ironman has an atmosphere all its own. The Ironman triathlon landed in Vitoria for the first time in 2019. A challenging test, to say the least, and one that frames the rich landscape of the capital in a route suitable only for the bravest.

The test begins in the waters of Lake Ullibarri-Gamboa, where almost 4 kilometres of swimming takes participants to the shores of the largest reservoir in the entire Basque Country. Once on land, the triathletes continue the route by bicycle for 180 kilometres, bordering the lake and crossing small towns of remarkable cultural interest parallel to the Sierra de Elgea. Finally, the race finishes with a 42 km walking circuit through the city centre, saving the best till last. A combination of nature, sport and self-improvement that will take your breath away.

Ironman Vitoria registration

Preparation and confidence are the secret ingredients to making the leap and taking part in your first Ironman. Sounds simple, right?

When you access the Ironman Vitoria official page, you will discover essential information and advice on starting your adventure and, likewise, it will be the platform where you will register. Besides general information and the payment plan, you will be able to take a look at everything involved in registration, including tickets to the awards ceremony, personalised equipment, supplies, a guide, and everything you need to be the next Ironman! (or Ironwoman)

But one of the most important things that can make or break your enjoyment of these events is accommodation. It is easy to think that finding accommodation in Vitoria at a reasonable price, on the dates indicated, may be doomed to failure. But it does not have to be like that. Making reservations in advance, direct payments from the official website or choosing the type of accommodation well are some of the tips that will make your trip to the capital an unbeatable experience.

One of these options is Líbere: apartments in Vitoria offering a new concept of accommodation where you can feel at home. The various rooms are adapted to the way you travel, and you can access them through a personal code, forget about keys! The simple design allows you to customise it to your liking, and the natural materials used in the decor provide the warm, cosy atmosphere often absent from traditional accommodation. An innovative, well-designed space in the heart of Vitoria as part of your adventure through the Basque capital. Will you join us?