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Planning a trip to Vitoria with children

Planning a trip to Vitoria with children

More and more families are deciding to share city breaks and experiences with their younger members. Discovering the world in an educational, fun way is the latest trend to combat monotony. The secret to success? Choose a nearby destination that offers so many possibilities that there is no room for boredom.

Today, we invite you to discover the most family-friendly aspects of the Green Capital of the Basque Country: Vitoria. The Basque capital has everything a traveller could wish for: an unusual destination with a rich historical-cultural heritage and an infinity of tourist options to share with your loved ones. Will you join us?

Guided tours of the Old Town

These tours follow an itinerary designed to fully enjoy the city’s iconic sites highly regarded either for their history or outstanding artistic value. And as mentioned above, Vitoria is a city of contrasts.

The tour through the narrow tiled streets of its Medieval Quarter, better known as “the almond” because of its shape, will be the starting point of your adventure. Here is your first must-see: the Cathedral of Santa María. A Gothic-style cathedral designed to be visited by the whole family. Besides audiovisual shows and educational workshops, the “Abierto por Obras” (Open for Works) system of visits allows you to see the work of archaeologists and restorers in action.

A few metres from the cathedral, you will come to the Old Wall. A landscaped walk takes you through the interior of one of the least known and most fascinating points of the city. Since its discovery during the excavations of 2001, you can see the remains of the canvases and one of the main turrets. A place that’s full of history where you can enjoy your own journey back in time.

Museum route

The town is home to several museums that should be part of your getaway to Vitoria thanks to their architecture alone. A Renaissance palace located in the Medieval Quarter houses one of the most attractive and exciting places in the city: the BIBAT. This museum complex comprises the Alava Archeology Museum and the Fournier de Naipes Museum. You can browse the history of the province while visiting the world’s best collection of playing cards!

For art lovers, the Artium is your best option. Located near the Simón Bolívar Park, it houses around 3,000 works by renowned artists and offers various educational activities and workshops aimed at families. However, nothing can match the exhibits of the Museum of Natural Sciences. Its botanical and zoological collections have always been a magnet for the youngest visitors.

Vitoria with children

The Green Belt

Not to be missed from your plans in Vitoria is a trip to El Anillo Verde, the city’s Green Belt. This circular route around the town allows you to discover its cultural and natural wealth through walking routes and bicycle rides adapted to all ages. In these tranquil surroundings, the Ataria Interpretation Centre, where you can explore and learn about the biodiversity of the Salburua wetlands, is not to be missed. The Garaio and Landa parks also offer various leisure areas offering activities both on and off the water, with beaches perfect for bathing and an afternoon of nature and relaxation with the family. Although if you prefer a dip in a pool with all the facilities, you may choose to go to the Mendizorrotza area in the city centre or the Gamarra site.

At Libere, we know that one of the biggest concerns when travelling with children is accommodation. It’s essential to choose a comfortable, safe place where you can recharge your batteries after a day full of activities. The Libere apartments in Vitoria are an ideal option for a city break. Accommodation located in the heart of the town that combines technology, design and customisation to make your stay a unique experience. Besides total freedom of access, you can choose a stay that best suits your needs and customise the services for the little ones’ greater comfort. The best option for making you feel at home.