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Reasons to visit Medina de Azahara

Reasons to visit Medina de Azahara

The location of Medina Azahara stands out for its proximity to the city of Cordoba. It is located only 7 kilometers away from the capital of the province. Medina Azahara is known as The Shining City. This archaeological site is considered of Cultural Interest. It was Abderramán III who promoted its construction in the period between 936 and 976. The name of the city is surrounded by the legend that tells that this place was created for the love of a woman.

What to see in Medina Azahara

Do you want to take a trip back in time to discover the beauty of a World Heritage Site? We present an itinerary with some of the most representative points.

Medina Azahara

Palace of Medina Azahara

The name of this city-palace describes the brilliance and splendor of its past. A beauty that extends over 113 hectares. A walled environment that has a great value. In fact, it is the most important archaeological site in the country from the point of view of its extension. The Palace is in the upper area of an enclave composed of several terraces framed by the wall.

The Rich Hall of Medina Azahara

It is one of the most representative spaces of Medina Azahara. In the past, it was the stage chosen for the celebration of important events and festivities. For this reason, it is striking for its ornamental value. It took about three years to create this hall, which was the focal point of the palace. It should be noted that the place is composed of perfectly differentiated spaces that form a beautiful visual whole. The caliphal horseshoe arch enhances the aesthetics of the surroundings. The arches and the columns form the perfect combination in the architecture of the Salón Rico.

Medina Azahara Museum

The Visitor Reception Center provides a holistic view of the site. It opened its doors in 2009. The museum is made up of different spaces. Spectators who visit the Auditorium discover a first introduction to the Shining City. For this purpose, an audiovisual presentation is made. On the other hand, the permanent exhibition hall is structured around the following themes: history, construction, life in the city and the subsequent destruction of the site. In addition, the visitor enjoys a varied catalog of services. The information point, ideal for any kind of consultation, is in the ticket office. The bookshop contains a large selection of gift ideas. In addition, the Manuel Ocaña Library is linked to the museum.

Archaeological Ensemble of Medina Azahara

There is another name that highlights the beauty of a building considered the Versailles of the Middle Ages. Well, it is an exponent of Islamic art that attracts attention for the wide variety of decorative details. To visit the site, it is important to purchase a ticket to the museum. In fact, the visit to the Visitor Reception Center is a formative and educational experience. The knowledge acquired during the itinerary is essential to enjoy even more the discovery of the site.

Archaeological ruins Medina Azahara

Medina Azahara night visit

Would you like to enjoy a magical experience? Visiting Medina Azahara by night is an unforgettable gift. Well, the itinerary lasts approximately ninety minutes. When does the tour start? The guided tour takes place at 8:30 p.m. from June 1st to June 30th. On the other hand, from July 1 to September 15, the program for visiting Medina Azahara at night starts at 9:30 pm. The cost of the Medina Azahara night tour is 15 euros.

Best way to get to Medina Azahara

You can opt for different means of transport to reach the destination. If you travel in your own vehicle from Cordoba, you must follow the road to Palma del Rio. During the itinerary, the driver must be attentive to the following indication: Madinat al-Zahra. How to get there by bus? It should be noted that a tourist bus, leaving from Cordoba, takes the passengers. The departure point of the bus is located at Avenida Alcazar. It is essential to reserve tickets during the previous day.

The bus service is basic, even for those who travel by car to the area. Part of the final journey, the one that leads to the site, must be made by bus. Keep in mind that the site is located two kilometers from the museum.

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Visit a palatial city with history: the Shining City, whose destruction is contextualized around the year 1010. Well, during the last century, important archaeological research and studies have been carried out around the site (and there is still a lot of information to be discovered about Medina Azahara).